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Feb 19, 2009 03:11 PM

Parkway Grill Recs?

Anybody been to the Parkway Grill recently? I would like some recommendations for those that have eaten their recently.

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  1. don't go...that's my recc

    1. Arroyo chophouse, right next door is pretty good. Just went here this week. Filet Mignon, perfectly done and well seasoned. Family style cream spinach and potatoes were good. The corn was fantastic. Apple pie (not a slice, mind you, but a personal mini pie) with vanilla bean icecream was great.

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      1. re: hppzz

        both are bad....don'e by the same people that serve bland, uninspired food at all their restaurants

        1. re: peppermonkey

          I've only been to the Arroyo Chophouse. The service has always been wonderful and the food has always been very good. Steakhouse fare. Great steaks and sides, especially the mac and cheese with ham. It is not cutting edge, no culinary pyrotechnics, nothing new, but I've always had a great meal there.

        2. re: hppzz

          In my opinion the large cut filet is the most tender, flavorful piece of meat I have had at the Chop House, better than the New York and the ribeye. I also love the seared scallops appetizer and always OD on the sourdough, both plain with butter, and as garlic bread.