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Feb 19, 2009 03:03 PM

Las Vegas - Late night option?

Hi, will be flying into Las Vegas late Monday night and wanted to know if there were any decent dining options/hidden gems around the Wynn/Venetian area. Looking to stay on the strip as we won't be renting a car. Thanks!

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    1. re: Eric

      should be arriving around 11:30/midnight

    2. Unfortunately, by Monday night the Las Vegas "weekend" is over, and most of the better places close around 11 PM, especially in these slower times. In the Wynn/Venetian area about the only options around that time would be the Society Cafe (Encore), SushiSamba (Palazzo), Zine (Palazzo) and Noodle Asia (Venetian). The Grand Lux Cafe is open 24 hours in both the Palazzo and Venetian. Across the strip BLT Burger (MIrage) is open until 2 AM.