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Feb 19, 2009 03:02 PM

Best restaurant for pre-theatre dinner in Wilmington?

My wife and I moved to Wilmington, DE in July and have since learned that there is a dearth of good restaurants in the area. However, I know that there must be some establishments in town offering tasty faire. We are planning a dinner and movie date for Saturday to belatedly celebrate Valentine's Day. We have not tried any restaurants in town, instead sticking to our old favorites in PA to this time.

Which restaurants are worth trying? We are open to most cuisines and are most concerned about the quality of food, in contrast to the type of food, served.

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  1. Not sure what movie theater you are going to--Theater N? There are several fine choices nearby, including Domaine Hudson and the recently opened Orillas Tapas.

    If you are looking for another area of Wilmington, please be more specific.

    There are plenty of CH threads on restaurants in Wilmington--do a search and you will find them.

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      Yes, we will be attending an 8 PM showing at Theatre N. It appears that Deep Blue has a nice pre-theatre prix fixe menu so we may make reservations there. Have any of you eaten at DB before? What were your impressions. Based on tripadvisor reviews it appears that the restaurant is well regarded by Wilmington standards.

      1. re: supersharpie

        I personally have had very bad experiences at Deep Blue (service fine, food terrible) so I don't recommend it. Others feel differently. Once again, Chowhound's search function is your friend...

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          Where did you end up going? I wish I had seen this earlier. I would have suggested avoiding Deep Blue. The old chef left and opened Orillas just down market street. So any positive review would have moved down the street. They do a great job, fabulous tapas, cozy little place.

          For future options, I very highly recommend Domain Hudson. It's definitely one of our favorites in town. Toscana is also a good option. If you're looking for special occasion ideas, Moro is great. Although with their new Thursday night offerings of more affordable small places, it's more attainable on a normal night. Also, The Exchange on Market is a surprising sleek option for Wilmington.

          I would like to know where you ended up and what your thoughts are. Thanks