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Feb 19, 2009 02:47 PM

Memorable feast in London

I'm looking for interesting and original ideas for a big lunch in London.

There will be 30 or so of us, (ok, its a stag do) and the plan is to kick things off with a civilised lunch. Would be great to get a private room, with good, communal style food in a relaxed, fun envrionment.

One idea is to order a couple of suckling pigs from the feasting menu at St Johns: However, this option might end up a bit pricey.

Does anyone have any ideas along the same lines, but a bit less expensive? Budget will probably be between £25 and £35 per head including drink.. BYO perhaps?

It doesnt have to be suckling pig, but it does need to be something quite special...

Ideally central , east or south London.

Thanks for the tips!

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  1. Maybe too expensive - The Union - private members club in Soho I don't believe you have to be a member to host a private function

    Turkish food is very communal. A cheap and BYOB suggestion - see if you could take over all of Mangal on Arcola Street, Dalston and have the mixed grill for 30 for lunch??