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Feb 19, 2009 02:31 PM

Dumplings near World Tong

I'm headed to World Tong for dim sum on saturday morning. Is there any place nearish by where I could pick up a bag of dumplings for my freezer? I have a feeling that I'm going to be advised to hop on the train and look elsewhere, but I thought I would check in case anyone happens to know of a dumpling spot close by.


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  1. We saw a Handpulled Noodle and Dumpling place farther down 18th Ave (near 72nd St.) recently. It might be worth a try. - we didnt have a chance to look in or stop. down into tthere are worthwhile Italian stores as well including Villabate's pastry shop. Otherwise, you can probably take the N train or a bus over to Sunset Park and buy at one of the dumpling places there - the one we buy from is just off 8th Ave at 48th St.

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      A week ago I tried to go to that dumpling place on 48th and the gates were down. Anyone know why? Are they back open?

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        the 48th st dumpling place was open yesterday afternoon.

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        I recently tried two of the soups from this place: I had the lamb noodle and also the oxtail noodle. I asked for them to go and they packed up soup in containers and the noodles separately in small foam carryout boxes. A side order of fried dumplings was pretty unimpressive. The soup was pretty good, with decent amount of the two meats floating as bits in the broth. There was some unidentifiable chopped vegetable added to the broth that I didn't care for: it had an off flavor and clung to everything, the container, the chopsticks. I might ask if they can leave it out if I go back. The noodles were white and light, the same appearance as over-boiled spaghetti, but so much better in the texture! The place was clean and still new when I was there, with buckets of chopsticks and utensils at each table and hot chili oil pots on the side. Reasonable prices in the $6-$7 range.

      3. Not to hijack this thread, but are there any recent reports on World Tong? I was going to go there this weekend, but headed to East Harbor Seafood Palace on 65th Street. It was pretty good. Everything was fresh and flavorful. And, for a nice change, it tasted like the custard in the nai wong bao was homemade rather than the mix that a lot of places seem to serve lately.

        Plus, if you're looking for dumplings and you go there you can head to the new supermarket they opened on Eighth Avenue just before the railroad tracks (Lo Feng or something like that).

        East Harbor
        714 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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          went to world tong a couple of weeks ago and thought it was as good as ever. fresh dumplings, good other dim sum, and a different variety than most places. if only the room weren't so cramped, i'd never go anywhere else for dim sum.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I find. I will also report back on my World Tong experience.

          1. agreed missmasala--we had amazing dimsum on saturday and we had no problem getting a table for 7 at noon. We were fully expecting a good wait but there were plenty of tables. My favorite of the day was a cauliflower and shrimp sumpling with what appeared to be some kind of roe on top. Delicious, fresh, and totally different.