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Feb 19, 2009 01:57 PM

Tapas in Baltimore?

My girlfriend and I will be visiting her family in Baltimore this weekend and have agreed that on Saturday night we are very much overdue for a date night. Personally, I've been craving some tapas and while my girlfriend knows the area very well she's only recently started enjoying them. Can you recommend some excellent tapas places where the prices is anywhere from low to upper moderate?

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    1. For Baltimore, the best you can probably do is Pazo or Mezze. Both are good options although Mezze is probably a little better value and low key. Pazo will be more expensive and a place to be seen in Baltimore.

      Also, Tapabar in Little Italy is relatively new and was recently written up by the City Paper with mixed reviews. I have not been, but it sounds like there might be some potential there.

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        Stay away from Pazoit is just so so and Mezze has a VERY limited menu

        1. re: sas

          I tried to preface my suggestion with "For Baltimore, the best you can pobably do..." to say they are a couple of the best in a group of an extremely weak pool of options. I haven't been to Tapa Teatro, but I can only hope it's better than what I have experienced!

          1. re: gregb

            I've enjoyed the food at Mezze way more than Pazo or Tapas Teatro, especially Tapas Teatro. I like the sangria at tapas teatro, but that's about it.

      2. Are you looking for traditional Spanish tapas or just any type of small plates? The latter might open up some more options.

        I've always had lovely experiences at Pazo, and I'm not much of a scenester. I've enjoyed Mezze as well (which is more pan-Mediterranean) but I think I prefer Pazo.

        1. I would give Tapas Teatro on Charles street a shot. The Charles Theatre is right next door so you can have a very traditional "dinner and a movie" date night to boot!