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Feb 19, 2009 01:52 PM

Steak Frites on Varick

How is this place? Going to SOB's and need a good place for drinks and dinner. Not too expensive either.

Looking for good cocktails, room to dine, chill and sip some drinks. Nothing too fancy or crazy as our friends are not that into it.

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  1. It'll do fine for what you're describing.
    My wife and I go once in a while on weekends. It's perfectly good eatin' in a good looking room. It was supposed to be a much fancier place when it opened 5 names/owners ago.

    1. not sure about your price point but blue ribbon bakery is just about 2 blocks from SOBs and is my go-to spot for drinks and a casual night out.

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        This is going to be Friday night so I thought that Blue ribbon would be the wrong place to just show up around 9pm or so. I agree though that its a great place.

      2. Steak Frites NYC is a solidly decent restaurant with delicious French food. I've been several times and remember an excellent pan seared scallop and a crispy salmon entree. It's also a very beautiful casual room, conducive for cocktails and good conversaton. I don't foresee any problem in walking in after 9:00pm, with or without a reservation. Enjoy.

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          We did go to Steak Frites last night at 9pm. Mostly because it was 1 block from SOB's and freezing outside. Was really turned off after reading the many neg posts on Yelp but we went anyway.

          Mostly empty.
          Very nice decor and setting.

          Just like last location, the owners seem to have an obsession with early 80's music. After 15 retro songs it got annoying then funny.

          Waiter nothing special or didn't understand us too well or not in the mood.

          Cocktail special drinks were very good but very very light on the booze.

          He did ask us if we wanted another round which we declined but at dinner service he never asked if any of us wanted wine with our meal. We all had steak or chicken and wine would have seemed like a good idea. Got the feeling he thought we were stupid party people or bridge and tunnel and wouldn't know about wine with a meal.

          Person with chicken liked it.
          2 steak sandwiches were raved about.
          Hangar steak was small, overcooked a bit but tasty. Fries were decent but over salted.
          Sides of onion rings, shrooms and green beans were excellent.
          Best dish of the night was the Frizee lardon and Roquefort. We all had to order another to share.

          Over all it would have been better if they didn't cheap the dishes and drinks. Pretty much we paid $150 (including tip) for 4 lunch specials with sides and 3 cocktails. Not quite worth it. Not to say that $150 is a lot for that meal just that somehow it felt like the food and service didn't step up to the cost and place itself.

          I miss the old location.