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Feb 19, 2009 01:36 PM

Anyone ever tried "Good Cookin"in Bridgeport Ct

saw an ad for this restaurant with South Carolina Southern cusine on Main Street, so I want to know if you have been and what you think especially fried chicken and the desserts ( are they homemade. What else have you tried ribs. macaroni and cheese, collards what else? How many times have you been and what do you compare it to in the area? Thank you How clean is it?

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  1. Great Place nbermans-so clean Mr Clean could live there and be very happy.
    You just have to go there and try it for yourself and let us all know what you think of it.
    I just can not think of any kind of coparision to it.

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      Thanks will be going there Saturday and will report thanks!

    2. Went yesterday, they are very clean, fried chicken was made to order but they only have tenders, wings and legs and I love breasts and they don't have them. They were a little in the new confusion stage but very friendly. We had BBQ wings, they were sweet and the sauce was a little thick but they were moist. Had macaroni and cheese, collards, my husband and relatives had fish, pork and chicken also very decent and the place was very clean. Dessert, sweet potatoe pie and and banana pudding very good. The biggest problem I had was there was NO bathroom and I think this is not right if you have a dine in situation . I had to go the entire time so the food maybe would have been enjoyed more. I think they need to work some things out like have White meat fried chicken, a bathroom and not so much confusion and it will be great. i will try it again. Also it wasn't greasy at all, just right.