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Feb 19, 2009 01:18 PM


I used to spend a lot of time in the D.F. suburbs and often had great Pozole, but cant remember the locations. Any recommendations on great Pozole in the center of the city? Also, is Thursday the traditional day to eat Pozole in D.F.,as it is elsewhere? Thanks!

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  1. No contest: the best pozole in the DF is at La Casa de Toño, Sabino #166, in Col. Sta. María la Ribera. It's just around the block from Alameda Norte. Go.


    1. Asking for the best pozole in the D.F. is like asking about where to get the best hot dog or pizza in Chicago - there will be a different answer offered by just about anyone you ask.

      I've eaten at La Casa de Toño and although I liked it I don't think it ranks amongst the best in the city. It's a nice house (the Colonia Santa Maria la Riibera location), though.

      My #1 spot in the city for pozole is Los Tolucos in Colonia Algarin. One street in Colonia Algarin is home to 3 or 4 pozolerias and is probably, next to Mercado San Camilito in Plaza Garibaldi, the place where more people congregate to eat pozole than any other in the city.

      The San Camilito market food stalls - maybe 30 in all - situated adjacent to Plaza Garibaldi is a good place to sample pozole, birrea and other good things . . . while, at the same time, taking-in the music of the mariachi.

      There are different varieties of pozole: white, red, green (my favorite) that come with: pork, with chicken (my favorite), etc. And, yes - Thursday is still "pozole day," however, the two restaurants discussed this far in the discussion serve pozole daily.


      Los Tulcos:

      La Casa de Toño

      Telefono: 55381651 / 54403318
      Direccion: JUAN HERNANDEZ Y DAVALOS 40
      Distrito Federal,Cuauhtemoc
      Horario: 10:00 A 21:00