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Feb 19, 2009 01:06 PM

Indian in Columbia/Laurel/Jessup area

My SO and I are both craving Indian food lately and are hoping for a new cheapish place for semi-frequent weeknight dinners. We just moved to Savage, so anything between Columbia and Laurel would work for us.

As far as SO is concerned meat is a requirement, so Mango Grove is out. The others I've seen mentioned are Bombay Grill, Akbar and House of India. Preferences? Warnings?

We both love strongly spiced foods, so somewhere that will believe you when you say you'd like a 7 on a scale of 1-10 would be great.

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  1. House of India is YUMMY!!! We eat here all the time and have yet to have a disappointing meal. I can get crowded the later you go.

    FYI-Next door to Mango Grove is Mirchi Wok which has meat on its menu.

    Here is a blog about discussing some of the places you list

    1. I'll second MrsWheatie.
      House of India is the best in the area IMO. My wife & I are pretty much once a weeker's.
      Our favorite dishes are the Rockfish or Salmon Tandoori, but the lamb & chicken dishes are quite good also.
      The house special Biryani with lamb, chicken, and shrimp is my second favorite dish. I order it extra spicy, then add some of that incredible green sauce on top.

      Our visits to Akbar were very disappointing.

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        1. I completely agree with Mrs. Wheatie and mdfoodlover (and appreciate the mention). Specifically, that tandoori rockfish at House of India was spectacular. Without question, I'd prefer House of India to the others on your list.

          You might also call Mirchi Wok and ask if you could order off the Mango Grove menu there. I have seen the Mango Grove folks decline to serve meat in that dining room. (I assume it's similar to keeping a kosher space.) But I was thinking that your SO might be able to get meat at Mirchi Wok and you could order the dosas and the South Indian food from Mango Grove's menu. Just an idea because I think Michi Wok's menu is delicious and unique enough that I'd prefer it over Bombay Grill and Akbar.