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Feb 19, 2009 12:56 PM

New in and around Greenville, NC

There have been a few new places opening up lately. We've tried Marabella Old World Pizza a couple of times, and it's quite nice. This is in the former location of Big Apple Pizza, which I was sad to see go, but at least this provides some karmic balance. I've tried a couple of the European style pizzas, and they were good. My favorite so far has been the Mondello, which has fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula on it.

However, you *have* to try the sausage roll. Secret best menu item, I guarantee. The garlic knots are really good, as well.

Also, there's apparently a new Middle Eastern place in the old Andy's on Cotanche, and a bbq rib joint has gone into the former location of the execrable Bar-B-Cutie. Has anyone tried these?

I can't remember if I've recommended this place or not, but Carol's in Robersonville has been open for about a year and has really excellent soul food/country cooking and good barbecue. It's worth a drive out of town, but they're not open on Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. We've tried Uncle Yammy's, the ribs/bbq place in the old Bar-B-Cutie. I had a bbq sandwich, and my wife had fried chicken. She liked her fried chicken and sides. The bbq was fairly bland, but the sauce is nice, and with some of that, you've got a pretty good sandwich.

    Normally though, I'd say that there's no reason to come here over B's or Pete Jones, but Yammy's has beer. Good beer. I had an excellent tropical stout from Sri Lanka with my bbq, and it really made the meal for me, and I also can't think of another bbq joint that lets you do this. We'll be back.

    1. There's a Korean place going into one of the new strip malls on Firetower- out in front of the Carmike. Looks like it should be open soon.

      1. is this place tied into Uncle Yammeys BBQ sauce sold in the stores?

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        1. I hit the new flea market on Greene St. again today to see what a weekend day looks like. This may be a place to watch in the future, as there were a few food finds there today.

          The one I sampled was jerk chicken. There was a Jamaican guy with a charcoal grill set up on the outside wall of the building, facing the parking lot, doing jerk chicken. This was really good stuff; we could taste the spices for a while after eating(it was only mildly hot/spicy though), and the chicken was cooked perfectly. He charges $5 for a quarter plus two pieces of bread.

          Inside, there was a stall advertising some Mexican foods- elotes, esquites, diablitos, and several others. I wasn't sure what all of them were, and the setup was a bit confusing, as there didn't seem to be a grill or food prep area in that stall. There was one lady who was making plates for people that appeared to consist of some sort of slaw(I'd guess it was curtido) piled on top of a large tortilla, topped with Valentina hot sauce. They were pretty busy and I had to get going, so I didn't get to give them the third degree like I wanted.

          There was also a guy outside that I noticed as I left who was selling homemade pork rinds.

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            To revive an old thread --

            I finally went to the "indoor discount mall" on Greene St. today. There's now a lot going on there -- the Jerusalem Market has pretty extensive Middle Eastern and Indo-Pakistani groceries, including halal meat. They also have a restaurant with counter service and booths, serving shawarma, hummus, etc. I had a chicken tanab (sp?) wrap, and it was FABULOUS -- great spices, well cooked. I asked if they sold fresh pita to go -- one of the really maddening things I can't seem to find in Greenville -- and they said they were sold out, but in the morning they'd have it.

            At the same counter with the Middle Eastern food, there's also Jamaican food on a steam tray -- goat, chicken and oxtail curry, rice & beans, etc. Looked and smelled good, but I didn't have any.

            Finally, they have some Mexican groceries and make tacos too (along with hot dogs and hamburgers). They seem to be covering all the bases. Anyway, it was nice to be able to have a Jamaican ginger beer with my spicy chicken. I'd go back.

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              I've been meaning to get over there to try the Middle Eastern and Jamaican stuff. I noticed that they put up a sign for Jamaican food recently- previously there had a been a couple of different guys selling jerk chicken on Saturdays outside. One of them was excellent, the other was good, but not stellar. I didn't realize that they were doing Middle Eastern stuff the last time I was there until I'd already had jerk chicken outside.

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                Hey. Don't want to hijack but can u guys update this with must eats or point me to another thread? I keep finding stuff about the South Carolina Greenville. Gonna be there for a month starting in the next week or two and will need to know where to eat. Thanks in advance.

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                  Just thought I'd mention, since nobody else has, that the folks from Jerusalem Market have relocated to West 5th St., under the name "Munchy's." And they're only doing the Jamaican, though they've got a lot of Middle Eastern groceries. Same stuff: jerk chicken, curries and roti on the steam tray (pretty good) and frozen beef patties (which I kind of like, in a perverse, Hot Pockety kind of way). I wonder if they'd make some of their other recipes, if you asked.

                  Also noticed on West 5th, though I was there too late to check it out: the Gold Post Cafe, open for breakfast, lunch, and fish fry on Fridays. Looks intriguing!

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                    Yeah I was wondering about Gold Post. That is new right? I was just driving by it the other day and noticed it out of nowhere. It looks like a nice spot, I'm definitely curious what they've got going on there.

              2. Is CPWs still around? I may be in town for the opener against Appstate. Wondering what other good places are around G-Vegas. Haven't been there in what seems like ages.

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                  CPWs is still in business. I find that they're very hit or miss- the regular menu is kind of weak, and sometimes the monthly special menus don't suit my tastes. IMO the special menu is the only way to go at CPWs, so it's really a matter of whether or not they've got something on there that you'd like.

                  As for other recs, do a search and you'll pull up a couple of recent threads.