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Pasta Plus in Laurel

I live in the Columbia area. I have heard this place is supposed to be great. True?
I did eat there once but unfortunately I had upset stomach before I ate.

Other good Italian in the area
How is Aida?

Are Pasta Blitz and Serafino good?
Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico?
Pazani in Elkridge?
what else is there that's good?

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  1. It's been quite a while since I've been, but I loved Pasta Plus. Their Timpallo was excellent!

    1. I don't think there's really any great "authentic" Italian in Howard County. Ate at PP a couple of weeks ago. They don't take reservations; had to wait in line. Had a good meal - some sort of crepes w/spinach & ricotta. Personable waitress w/good service. All four of us enjoyed the meal. Didn't feel rushed, even though it was crowded. It's an institution in the area. Would definitely return.

      Best part of Aida Bistro is Aida herself - owner's Mom. The food is usually good but it has become very expensive for what you get and they seem to be catering to those who want to really spend their funds on wine. They are in an entirely different category than some of the others you listed.

      Husband and I go to Pasta Blitz for veggie pizza VERY regularly - they recognize us and know what we want before we open our mouths. I like Serafino's pizza (brick oven) but have never had anything else there. Husband likes the spaghetti/meatballs at Strapazza.

      1. When we lived in Laurel we'd go to Pasta Plus at least once a week. I recently went back and found it just as good as it was 20 years ago. I recommend it. I rarely go just because I don't like waiting in line at restaurants ("nobody goes there anymore, it's too popular" -- Yogi Berra)

        We tend to go to the Pasta Blitz in Columbia for pasta. It's a little more comfortable than the ones in Clarksville or Scaggsville, but we enjoy the food at all of them - they're a little more kid friendly than Pasta Plus and closer to us.

        Trattoria Da Enrico is also close to our house, and I like the pasta and the subs, but the pizza was not very good last time we tried it. Very bland.

        Pazani was decent as well - better pizza than Trattoria but it's out of the way for us - if I'm going to travel for Italian food, I'd go to Pasta Plus or make a shorter trip and go to one of the Pasta Blitzes

        That's Amore by the mall is good, but a little pricier -I'd rate Pasta Plus better, but that's Amore is really good for pasta when you don't want to drive

        We like Tomato Palace mainly for the view of lake Kittamakundi. It's decent enough, but uneven. That's Amore is better food.

        There's a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint called Bella Mia at 103&104 that makes pizza the kids and I like. Decent subs as well. No atmosphere at all and it could be cleaner, but I like the pizza.

        Up on 29&40 in Triangle is a decent Italian place whose name I'm forgetting (Luna Bella?) that was good. We don't seem to go there though. Don't know why.

        1. Pasta Plus is MOST EXCELLENT!!!!!!

          1. I drive by Pasta Plus everyday fighting my way to 495. I stop and pick up marinara sauce and turn it into my own sauce at home. PP has a small deli with things to go that can really help when you are in a hurry and pp is swamped. They are busy with the tables close together but the food is wonderful and the wait staff are very well trained. I can't remember the dishes, its just a wonderful place to take your wife or friends, or your friends wife....lol.... the owner will make his rounds and ask how things are and that is nice. Its the only Italian place I go. They have good 12 dollar large pizze. thin crust in a stone oven. The building is old with empty store fronts on both sides and tricky to get in and out due to the split in route 1 in Laurel. but, its the best.

            1. I ate in Pasta Plus once. I remember the noodles being homemade. It was good. Nothing however made me want to drive back out there. It is cramped and a bit far. I live in Ellicott City by Columbia. We usually eat at Pasta Blitz in Columbia. Their bolognese sauce is a creamy meat sauce. I prefer it over linguine rather than Penne. Their pizza reminds me of NYC. They have good calzones and I also like their Limone dish. It is pasta with chicken in a lemon butter sauce.

              I am so sick of eating there though! lol. I eat there all the time. I would like to find other places around here. I was hoping to see you had more replies. :(

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                I've read a lot of good press on Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City. Ex-New Yorker here, still looking for decent NY-style pizza in the B'more burbs...

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                  My wife and I tried the Pizza at Coal Fire last night. Simply put it was not very good even by Maryland standards and clearly waaay off from what one would expect in the New York area. It missed on many counts - their signature sauce was overpoweringly sweet, the pizza crust was like card board as it was over cooked and burnt on the bottom, and there was a meager amount of sausage. I am a well experienced Pizza fan and know what an ultra hot oven Pizza should be like. This was not it. I like the charred edge but the one I had last night was charred in the center. Perhaps they were having an off night but their Pizza was third rate. Note, I grew up in a Brooklyn Sicilian neighborhood and know good Pizza. Alas the search for a good local Pizza continues.

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                    I had lunch at Coal Fire yesterday as well. Our experience was almost identical to yours. The signature sauce was WAY too sweet, the pizza overcooked and quite greasy. All in the party agreed that it was average at best and also a little pricey for what you got

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                    I think that Coal Fire makes a good pizza. It sounds like last night was a bad one if they served an over-cooked pie. But I have had good pizza, and I thought that the signature sauce was an interesting sweet and spicy blend.

                    Jersey Girl should definitely check out Pazani in Elkridge. They also serve thin-crust pizza, and they have Italian dishes like pasta as well. That is just north of Rte 100 and just east of Rte 103. Should be easy to reach if you're on the EC/Columbia line.

                2. Pasta Plus is good, I usually get takeout from their market. It's fast and reasonably priced (1 entree easily feeds 2 people). I'm not a fan of tomato-based pasta in general, but I like their other dishes (especially the side dish of vegetables cooked in garlic. YUM). Their desserts are yummy, if you get them on the day they were made. The white chocolate eclair with strawberries is delicious, but the tiramisou is soggy.

                  1. Aida is a totally different place, nothing like Pasta Blitz. It's a bit nicer, we've always had an excellent meal there. Not dressy but they take real care with their food and wine.
                    My husband and I like Serafino's for lunch - pizza is very good, sandwiches are good.
                    I have never been impressed with Pasta Plus, even though so many of my co-workers think it's the best thing. I'd go to Aida long before I'd go to PP.
                    We live near that pizza place (Bella MIa) that dzoey talks about - very decent pizza and subs, yep could be cleaner but no worries about the food. I think dzoey means Bella Luna
                    at the intersection of Rt. 29 & Rt. 40-also decent. Good fried calamari.f
                    If anyone knows of another good place, I'd love to hear it too!!