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Feb 19, 2009 12:17 PM

Can you recommend resto -Young + Finch Area?

Downtowner heading to Young & Finch Area tonight. Any recommendations? I use to frequent Messa Notta years near Young and Shep. years back. Possibly a good gastro pub between Eglington and Finch? All ears!

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  1. Hey Brewmister,
    Sorry i only caught your topic just this morning, a bit late but you can possibly try this on another day. Small italian place, not run by italians, but nevertheless pretty good.
    Place is called Alegno. Its on Yonge 2-3 blocks south of Sheppard on the west side upstairs above a flower shop. They have a real wood oven, very decent pizza, always changing daily specials, pasta and meat dishes with decent soup options to. it's cozy and lights dimmed in the evening, white table cloths with a replaceable paper sheet they change once the table is done. Seats 20 - 25 so it's a small place. Worth a try........ Porto