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Edmonton Kid-friendly?

I searched the board and couldn't really find specifics... I'll be in Edmonton with DH & my three kids (7 and under) Friday the 27th. I'm wondering where to go for lunch & dinner that day... Aside from the obligatory trip to WEM around lunch time I have no plans friday (DH will be busy 5-6pm) so dinner will likely be in the Delta Edmonton South.

- Where to take three kids for lunch in and around WEM?
- Are there any places within the Delta that are good? or is there anywhere I can order dinner from that'll deliver to the Delta? (I'd rather not go it alone at a restaurant with the kids)
- We need to leave in the early am Saturday(I have to be back for work at noon) where can we go for a good breakfast about 7 or 8 am?
- Are there specialty food stores in Edmonton that I should visit while I'm there...something Calgary doesn't have?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In the Delta is a botaniCa where you can get steaks, burgers, etc. They also have Montreal smoked meat (used to be a Ben's).

    In and around WEM are mostly chains - places like Moxies, Boston Pizza, Tony Roma's, etc. will have kids menus. The T&T has a eat-in area if you want to go that route, but it gets really crowded in there on the weekend. There are a couple of food courts in the mall as well so if you have picky eaters that might be a good way to give everyone a varied choice in food.

    Other than McD's I can't think of a place that would be open that early... maybe someone else will have a suggestion. You may be better off picking up some bakery stuff somewhere on Friday and having that for breakfast.

    As for stores, I'm not sure there's someplace particularly special but if you have time while at WEM you may want to window shop at Le Gnome - expensive kitchen store.

    There are some cute stores (not food specific) on Whyte Ave if you want to do some strolling and shopping. Similar to say, Kensington and 17th mixed together. Lots of good restaurants there as well.

    1. Across the street, in the Greenwood Inn, there is a little restaurant called Dalton's. I've been a few times for breakfast and they open at 7:30 on Saturdays. I always see families in there. If not, there is a ABC (or humpty's) right beside that if you want something quick and dirty before leaving.

      Both WEM and your hotel are in busy areas, so you have a lot of eating options.

      1. The Golden Rice Bowl is very near your hotel and does great dim sung. If your kids eat Chinese dim sung can be fun with all the noise and carts. Chili's is quite close too and I like their kids' menu because it can come with real veggies and a grilled chicken breast.

        As for delivery to the hotel, look at dial and dine. There are many very good restaurants that will deliver to your hotel.


        Early morning breakfast should be easy as most of the chains would be on your way out. I like White Spot because I think you can get fresh fruit with the kids breakfast.

        Around THE MALL it is tough if you want an independent.

        1. Your hotel is not far from the south Italian Centre. If you want to stay in you can pick up sandwiches, juice, and desserts there for dinner as well.

          1. There is also a Smitty's you can walk to for breakfast from the Delta. Not great food, but managing kids there shouldn't be a problem.

            The Italian Centre which was mentioned above carries unique products. They have great imported prosciutto and there is a Portguese olive oil there that is very good (lots of brands to satisfy personal tastes).

            Personally, I am partial to Marcheshyn's kobassa and I don't think you can get that in Calgary, but that's a bit off your path.

            Another option for lunch not far from the mall is Flamingo's Steak and Pizza 15835 87 Avenue. I haven't been there in a while, but it is kid friendly, a standard "Greek" type pizza/steakhouse that's not a chain.

            1. - Lots of chains in and around WEM. 2 food courts in WEM. Check out the mall's website for what and where to eat.
              - Delta's website should outline what the hotel has to offer for dining. Botanica is ok, but do you want to eat there for 2 meals? Dalton's is across the street, meh hotel food. Within a 2 km radius of the hotel, there's Banzai (Japanese take-away like Tokyo Express), Moxie's Grill, Koutouki Taverna (greek), Earl's, Red Robin, Olive Garden (be prepared for ridiculous table wait times, doesn't matter what time of day you go), Red Lobster, White Spot. The Red Robin at Whitemud Crossing is very kid friendly.
              - White Spot, Smitty's, Denny's are on your way back home to Calgary. Some independents to try http://www.freshstartbistro.com/ opens at 7am or Barb and Ernie's, think they open at 8am, but call and check.
              - Not too many food specialty stores unless you goto ethnic stores, Italian Centre shop off 51st Ave, T&T supermarket @ WEM, Indian food shops along 34th Ave, Korean/Japanese shop on Parsons Road or a new one that opened on 34th Ave. Sunterra in Lendrum area has some specialty food items. For kitchen shops, stay away from Le Gnome @ WEM, worst service ever they don't deserve your money. Goto Bosch Kitchen along 51st Ave, Barb the owner is awesome. Or Call the Kettle Black, 2 locations but the closest one to you is the one in Riverbend Square off Terwilleger drive, exit on Whitemud west.

              Good luck

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                Thanks, I had been looking in to WEM dining options and wasn't surprised, but wasn't thrilled either. I think I might try the grocery store route for one meal at least, we have a fridge and mic in the room. Turns out we don't have to be back in Calgary quite so early so I have a bit more time for breakfast. Based on other threads I was thinking about trying High Level Diner but I don't know how kid friendly they are? Last time we were there my oldest was in a highchair (she's 7 now). Transcend is on the list for coffee thanks to another thread.

                As for specialty stores we have a few T&Ts and Italian grocers. I'd like to get to Kerstin's (unfortunately not for a tasting) but to the store at any rate. I appreciate the heads up about Le Gnome, I didn't know they got a failing grade in the service dept. I'll definintely have to check out Bosch Kitchen and Call the Kettle Black.

                Looks like I have some more homework to do :)

                Thanks again,

                ETA: Found this site via Call the Kettle Black: http://www.keepedmontonoriginal.com/d... looks promising :)

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                  Transcend and Kerstin's are fabulous! You'll also want to try Tree Stone Bakery too, just off Whyte.

              2. Highs & Lows:

                Dinner friday night - tried to take the kids to Albert's on Bourbon street only to find it closed and everything else kid-friendly on the street had 20+ min waits - no big deal for adults maybe but for three hungry kids under 7 waiting 20+ min to wait again for food would have been a recipe for a meltdown. Ended up in the nearest foodcourt. I had a grilled chicken, brie and spinach panini, from Cafe Supreme and shared Harvey's poutine with the 7 yo. Not perfect but on par with whatever we'd have found at Albert's (which I heard later is probably closing for good).

                Quick trip into Le Gnome left me with the impression that I could get what they were selling elsewhere and probably for the same or less $ wise. Couldn't spend much time there though since the kids were tired and grumpy.

                Made it to Transcend coffee Saturday morning. Who knew such fantastic shots were being poured in the middle of such a bleak looking industrial park. DH thoroughly enjoyed his coffee, and my Americano was a beautiful thing.

                Our last stop before hitting the highway was Old Strathcona Farmer's market. I wish we had more time to explore...and a cooler. Loads of homemade Ukranian and Russian goodies. I took home a Russian Honey tort from Marina's, Cheddar shortbread and Chocolate Marshmallows from The Queen of Tarts. The marshmallows lasted all of 5 minutes YUM! The vendor tells me the cheddar shortbread are made with 4 yo Balderson. First impressions - OSFM struck me as more like Crossroads than CFM with more of a mix of vendors some of whom also call CFM home. I'd have been there longer if it weren't for the full on I'm-too-tired-to-sleep meltdown from the 4yo. (and the fact that we needed to be back in Calgary so soon).

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                  Thanks for the update. I agree with you about Le Gnome as I've always found it a place to browse, but deals can be had elsewhere. I'm glad Transcend lived up to what everyone says - Americano is my drink of choice too!

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                    Mmmm Queen of Tarts. I really need to stop at the market one Saturday!