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Feb 19, 2009 12:04 PM


I moved to Riverside four months ago. ToTo we are not in L.A. anymore. I lived in northeast Los Angeles were you could take a walk down the street and eat food from 7 continents. In Riverside not so much. Were is the Cuban,Peruvian or even good Mexican food. Not to mention Crepes or a cupcake shop. I knew I was giving something up by moving to the Burbs but sheesh!! A mans gotta eat..good food! and before suggesting Sevilla..well don't get me started on them!!! Any suggestions???

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  1. Italian Mario's Place 3646 Mission Inn Ave
    Californian/French/Japanese Fusion Restaurant Omakase 3720 Mission Inn Ave
    Mexican Ancho's 10773 Hole Ave
    Cuban Cafe 5180 Arlington Ave
    Bakery Simple Simon's 3639 Main St

    Downtown Redlands has numerous excelletn restaurants (The Farm, Gourmet Pizza, The Eating Room, etc)

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    1. re: RBCal

      Thank you RB. I really miss good Cuban and will give cuban cafe a try this week. Omakase sounds interesting and I'm somewhat familiar with Mission Inn Ave. Still looking forward to exploring Redlands. Thanks again for your suggestions.

    2. Welcome to the IE BEN! It is not as dire as it seems at first, but nothing is usually close to where you are. I hope I don't offend too many people when I say that it is truly disappointing that when someone asks for a Mexican food recommendation in the IE everyone chimes in with Ancho's. It is not bad, but it is Southwestern, not Mexican. Please try Papi's Tacos El Carbon (Van Buren location only 5701 Van Buren Blvd) Have the Papi's Special Burrito (carne asada) . Delicious salsas. Also good: Mijo's Tacos (6215 Magnolia Ave) Have a handmade corn quesadilla with carnitas or carne asada. Flour ones are not as good, but the corn ones are amazing! D'Elias Grinders for a terrific grinder that doesn't come with Italian dressing (, Brandon's Diner (10271 Magnolia Ave) for amazing breakfasts, both Mexican and American. Romano's ( for delicious stuffed deep-dish pizza and a pretty decent carbonara. I hope you find some places you like, and hey, if not, the Metrolink makes goes straight from Riverside to Union Station--a nice day trip!

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        I always find it amusing when people denigrate Tex-Mex or Southwestern Mexican food. Why not go for the real Mexican food like you get in Mexico? If you are lucky you will get turista too.

        For Yucatan Mexican food Casa Maya in Mentone is very good. For Mexican seafood, as well as tradtitional Mexican food, La Costa in Mentone is also very good.

        1. re: RBCal

          "Why not go for the real Mexican food like you get in Mexico? If you are lucky you will get turista too."

          i'm puzzled by this. what does that mean?

          also, like Igoodwood mentioned, Ancho's is southwestern american, not mexican. extremely different.

          if you want good tacos (similar to the NELA experience) you should definitely make a bee-line for La Noria Market in Rubidoux.

          1. re: ceviche

            It means that you get the worst Mexican food in Mexico. You get far better Mexican food in the USA since the quality of the ingredients is better.

            Menu at

            Burritos, tacos, carnitas, enchiladas. Yep definitely not Mexican.

            1. re: RBCal

              Wow, did not expect this reaction. But since everyone has their opinion, I'll add mine. Ancho's is called "Southwest Grill and Bar" I didn't give them this name. They also serve the Mexican food that is traditional to the Southwest, specifically New Mexico. They mention this on their menu when talking about
              "Christmas sauce" (Half red/Half green) a term that is used primarily with New Mexican food. Are some of the items Mexican in origin (i.e. tacos, burritos, etc.)? Yes. Is the style similar to the "street food" many of us grew up on? No. Can you have a good meal there? Yes. My comment to Ben was merely to point out that this is not the only Mexican (Southwestern or otherwise) restaurant that is good in Riverside or the IE. People who speak about the IE seem to rehash the same places over and over. In some cases this is because they are very good. I would put Anchos in this category, but I wanted to suggest some places that I consider more authentically Mexican. As for "turista", you can end up with that anywhere, not just in Mexico.

              1. re: RBCal

                wow i didn't expect that response either. i just went to mexico city and moroleon, guanajuato a few months back and had MANY excellent meals. to each his own i guess.

          2. re: lgoodwood

            Funny thing, Igoodwood, I was in a sandwhich shop(Tortas Sinaloa) after getting off the metrolink the other night and I actually overheard someone say, as they were finishing up with their meal, that they should have gone to Mijo's Tacos. So now that I know where it is I will give it a try. Thank you

            1. re: BEN92555

              I haven't tried Tortas Sinaloa--so, in your opinion, is there a reason for me to? In that strip mall, I like the taco place next to the Enterprise pretty well. Get the homemade corn tortillas on whatever taco you're getting.

              1. re: mayjay

                I belive when you open a place in a market that is already flooded you should want to stand above the rest. this place does not. as a matter of fact i remeber saying that there was no need to return. However, the do have a varied selection of aquas fresca. Which on a warm day can't be beat. And as far as corn tortillas?? LOVE homemade corn tortillas...Thank you.

              2. re: BEN92555

                No problem! Totally off the topic of Mexican food, the best fried zucchini, IMHO, in the IE is at George's on Magnolia.
                Happy Hunting!

                1. re: lgoodwood

                  um, believe the fried zuccini from the place on Hole near La Sierra (across the street from the jack in the box) would beg to differ...

                  Igoodwood, you seem to know the area i grew up in pretty well!

                  1. re: ceviche

                    Well I was a Riverside Community Hospital baby and I've never left! But I haven't had the zucchini at the place on I will and we'll just see....maybe with an IE standard: the combo burger?

                    1. re: lgoodwood

                      now that i think about it, it's on la sierra, not on hole. i think it used to be a Tastee (remember those?).

                      for me, the ultimate IE meal would be crunchy tacos (from Tony's of course) and a side of fried zucchini (from one of the many "__ the Greek" palces), all washed down with some orange bang!

                      1. re: ceviche

                        Is Tony's still here? The one we went to on Magnolia is something else now. Did they relocate? We used to get bags of tacos from there! I haven't had orange bang in forever! I was actually partial to the pina colada flavor, but they don't have that everywhere.

                2. re: BEN92555

                  A report on Mijo's: We have been trying to diet (!) and hadn't been in a while and my husband just told me they moved due to the upcoming underpass construction. Possible new address is 10203 Hole Ave. If anyone knows anything, please post and let me know. I can't go without their avocado salsa for very long!

                  1. re: lgoodwood

                    I might get shot at for asking this but here it goes......You mean someone else has a better avocado salsa than Pollo Loco???? This is my guilty pleasure place.

                    1. re: lgoodwood

                      Yes, it is open on Hole now. Haven't tried it yet, but some co-workers have and it is good.

                      1. re: cookingodyssey

                        Can't wait to go back. And yes, I think the avocado salsa is better at Mijo's than El Pollo Loco (also a guilty pleasure of mine!) because it is hotter. But if you don't like hot, then it wouldn't be.

                3. This might help:
         -- Best Kept Secrets in the I.E. !!

                  1. I'll just add Pupuseria La Sierra Restaurant on Tyler St. Great Salvadoran. And whatever bad thing you have to say about Sevilla, I'll second.

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                    1. re: mayjay

                      I was in a relationship with a Salvadoran for 7 years. It's wonder my name isn't Big Ben. Absolutely good food but I always preferred the home cooking to what I could find in the restaurants. Panes con pavo??? Pork Tamals??? Yummy!! My Favorite. Thank you mayjay

                    2. Napa29 near the corona side of Riverside is pretty decent. Strange place, but good food.