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Feb 19, 2009 11:11 AM

Anything in Amarillo

Hello, I will be in Amarillo in a couple weeks with my vegetarian wife and baby daughter. Are there any good restaurants in Amarillo? I can even take my wife to bbq if they have some good side dishes. Are there any good Thai or Vietnamese places? Good traditional Texas places? Good Mexican? Anything?

Amarillo looks to be kind of a Wal-Mart and TGI Fridays kind of town. We'd love to find some good local places to try...are there any???

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  1. Vegetarian
    Calico County (2410 Paramount) A local home cooking mainstay, with a vegetable plate option.
    Eat Rite Health Food & Restaurant (2441 W I-40) always has vegetarian items.

    My personal thought on vegetarian Mexican Restaurant items is never trust them. For Mexican I like Fernando’s (2028 Paramount) for the salsa bar, but I tend to get in ruts.

    BBQ places abound, guess my suggestion there would be Country Barn on I-40, another rut.

    We have a surprisingly large Oriental community. Lots of small places on the east side of town concentrating on Amarillo Boulevard. Not the best part of town but then not as bad as most cities. Maybe try
    Thai House (5601 E Amarillo Blvd.)

    Larger, better known, more central places include
    My Thai (2029 Coulter) (My #1)
    Thai Arawan (2834 Wolflin Ave.)
    King and I (2300 Bell)

    If your wife eats fish, we have several Japanese style steak houses that have sushi.
    Kabuki on I-40 may be tops there.

    I might suggest Biti Pies for a treat. They only sell individual size pies and cakes. No coffee or drinks. Several locations, main store at 604 S. Maryland. The pies are pretty good.

    Will keep thinking on this. Good luck and have a great stay.

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      Thank you for the advice. We'll give it a go!