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Feb 19, 2009 10:55 AM

Pizza Pies/Dough

Had an idea to host an impromptu "do it yourself" pizza gathering this week-end - where can I buy some quality thin crust unadorned pizza pies? Do they come as dough balls that need to be rolled out or can you buy fresh/frozen pizzas for which you just add toppings and bake? Somewhere downtown/midtown, if possible. Thanks.

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  1. Fiesta Farms sells progress bakery pizza dough raw near the deli. I use it regularly and quite like it.

    1. I just buy balls of dough from No-Frills, Whole Foods or Kensington Market (wherever I happen to be) and roll them out myself. If possible I try to get the whole wheat version. I've also used frozen bread dough from the bakery (you have to ask for it) from Valu-Mart in the Manulife Center at Bay and Bloor.

      I find rolling it out and then letting it relax for a while while you prepare the rest of the ingredients makes it really easy to get a thin crust.

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        Just wondering foodio, where do you find the dough in Kensington?

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          At the bakery on Baldwin, beside Cheese Magic.

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            Hi foodio - Kensington and WF and Manulife are equally convenient for me - do you find one of these to have a superior taste or texture? Also, if I'm buying fresh dough, am I okay if I buy the day before use? Two days before? Thanks!

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              To be perfectly honest I can't remember a difference between the two, although the Manulife dough is "bread dough" so maybe the Kensington is more authentic?

              The Manulife dough is frozen so you could keep it in the freezer until the morning of, take it out and let it defrost. You want the dough at room temperature before you try to roll it out. I've also bought fresh dough and tossed it in the freezer for later use (although some people probably wouldn't consider this good practice) and i've found it always turns out fine. I'm guessing you could leave the dough fresh/in the fridge for a few days and it would be ok.

              I would call either place ahead to make sure they haven't run out.

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                These fresh balls of dough will expand slowly if left in the fridge. I use them for round loaves as well as pizza, and find that they are quite active, given time. I'm not surprised they can survive freezing. One day in the fridge is my maximum before using.

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                The fresh dough I have bought at Grande Cheese has always been good even after 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator. It all depends on the storage temp, so "YMMV"

          2. Thanks all - will pick some up the day I'm going to use them. I'm looking forward to checking these out - I cook a lot but I've never "made" pizza with store-bought dough before. Ciao.

            1. WOW
              When I saw the heading ''Pizza Pies/Dough"
              I was sooo excited to open it

              But quickly went to sadness

              Thought perhaps you were asking who would have the
              BEST Easiest Pizza Pie Dough RECIPE


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                That would be on the Home Cooking board.