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Feb 19, 2009 10:03 AM

mâche in Seattle?

This is one of those things I feel I should know the answer to but don't..... Given all the great shopping options in Seattle I figure some must sell mâche but now I'm thinking twice since I don't recall seeing it any time recently. Just called Metro Mkt in Admiral, not in stock right now but "usually it's available," the fellow told me. Just curious if you know of any reliable outlets in town for this lovely lettuce?

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  1. I find it regularly at the Metropolitan Market on lower Queen Anne (the old Larry's location).

    1. Willie Greens, a farm that comes to the U-District farmers' market and probably other markets, has delicious local mâche right now. I bought some on Saturday.


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        Second Willie Greens -- they had it this morning.

      2. Metro Market usually has it. Both at the Lower Queen Anne and Sand Point locations. Whole Foods in the U-district always has it.

        I also see it at the farmers market quite often.

          1. Trader Joe's carries it, although I don't know if it's always available. They're in the bagged salad section, in sealed cellophane bags.