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Feb 19, 2009 09:53 AM

Ft. Myer's Beach

I and my wife will be visiting Ft. Myer's Beach for a couple days in early March. Can anyone give us recs for lunches and dinners. When we're in your wonderful state, it's seafood all the way!
Bob (Shivering in Detroit)

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  1. Gosh, was it something I said?? Where is everybody??!!

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      Even though we are in Miami, we go over to Ft Meyers beach a couple times a year for a getaway. I will tell you that Ft Meyers beach is not a culinary mecca.. What we have always done is we simply walk around looking at menus and then go from there. The beauty of Ft Meyers beach is that everything is in walking distance if you are actually staying on the beach. If you have car, there are some really great place on Sanibel, which is about a 15 minute drive.

      I know we do enjoy a restaurant that is on the other side of the Lanai Kai, whose name of course I am forgetting, but the restaurant and bar are on the second floor and it has a wide seafood selection and we always go there. We also like the greek place right on the water.

      1. re: SarahChef

        Thank you Sara We'll be staying on the beach so any recs for Sanibel would be really appreciated.

        1. re: SonyBob

          n March, it will take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to get to Sanibel from the beach. Traffic is heavy this time of year.

          I have yet to find a good restaurant on Fort Myers Beach itself, but there is a lot of buzz about a new place at the new marina behind the Publix. The Marina is Snook Bight and the restaurant is Bay Front Bistro.

          on the small island between mainland and Fort Myers Beach is a fun restaurant called Parrot Key. I have had some surprisingly good meals here and it is a fun, tropical atmosphere. Lots of fun and the entertainment is fun as well. Frank Torino's Night with the Stars is a hoot.

          The restaurants in the Times Square area of town where they have the sunset celebration are primarily tourist traps with mediocre food. La Plaka, the greek place, has re-opened after being closed for a year and the food did not improve. It is edible however and the location will always keep it packed.

          The fish place the woman mentioned next to the appalling Lani Kai (think skanky college spring break hotel) is probably the Gulfshore Inn and Cottage Bar. The windows face the Gulf so you can watch the sunset and maybe see dolphins, etc. The food is very simple and pretty good. They have a salad bar (the whole restaurant is in a 70's timewarp) and godawful wine. If I had to eat on the water, that would have to be my only choice on FMB.

          Sanibel is heavily discussed here in the past. Search should bring up the best current places. I think Sweet Melissa's is excellent also Doc Ford's Rum Bar. I love their fish tacos. LMF

        2. re: SarahChef

          Fort *Myers* Beach. Sorry, SarahChef, as a native, this is one big pet peeve.

      2. Bob,
        Please stop by and have some Pizza at our newest addition to Ft. Myers Beach. Surf Pie makes the dough and sauce fresh daily. They are on Old San Carlos Blvd. Across from SOB . Awesome Pizza....Beach delivery. Enjoy your stay. The Shrimp Festival is March 14th and is huge fun!

        1. The Beached Whale is a nice place for lunch with a fun rooftop restaurant/bar and great fried grouper.