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Feb 19, 2009 09:45 AM


Going tonight for my birthday! What's good on the menu?

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  1. I like the lobster pizza.

    1. made-to-order roti w/ chicken curry
      beef carpaccio
      grapefruit sorbet w/ campari drizzle and cornmeal biscotti

      1. I have not been but my sister raved about the Bolognese

        1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great time......


          Breads - elephant ear walking
          Aps - tandori scallops, fried artichokes, burrata BLT
          Mains - lobster, pig chop, chicken, quail (if you get the quail, I'd recommend having them leave the sabayon sauce off, it is not a favorite of mine)......if you get sides, their polenta is good

          Not so Fav's
          Their pastas
          Mains - cod scaloppini

          1. Excellent bartending: a cocktail is a good start. Anything flatbread-based. The burrata dishes. Something with the house-made mozzarella. The pig chop.

            Skip the tagliata.