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Feb 19, 2009 09:43 AM

Sunday Brunch with Music

We have always looked forward to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch, not so much for the food (just so-so) but for the Gospel music. I see now that they are getting $40 for this which is twice as much as the HOB in Myrtle Beach. C'mon guys!!! I love the music but that much for that buffet is ridiculous.
I've looked on-line at the Jazz Brunches at Antoine's, Palace Cafe, and Commander's Palace. I'm sure we would enjoy any one of them having had dinner at them all in the past.
Is one any better than the other for the food/music combo, and are there any others we should take a look at for our visit in April (week before Easter).

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  1. Marigny Brasserie w/The Pfister Sisters.

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      1. re: robrob

        Do you think reservations are needed?

        1. re: esyle

          if you can make them, then do so. when I've been, it has been packed. the bar is not a bad place to wait, but if you have a preferred time, reserve.

      2. re: edible complex

        You've sold me. I was able to listen to some samples of the Pfister Sisters music and got a look at the Brunch menu. Looks great all around. And I will make reservations.
        Thanks for the suggestion.