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Feb 19, 2009 09:24 AM

Duck fat in Durham?

Does anyone know where I can get duck fat in/near Durham? Whole Foods said "we can barely get duck, let alone duck fat."


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  1. Did you try A Southern Season? I would imagine that they have confit de canard in cans, and that typically has more duck fat than meat.

    I did hear a rumor that A Southern Season was going to be closing, and I'm wondering if anyone else has heard anything along those lines. I don't go there a lot, but I do occasionally, and it would be a shame to lose a store that carries so many hard-to-find items. However, the atmosphere there is not exactly recession-friendly, so it would not be totally surprising if they didn't make it.

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    1. re: durhamois

      Hi durhamois,
      Please help us dispell the rumors! It's NOT true ... we are not closing. We are doing everything we can to address everyone's concerns about the economy - great promos and sale - along with our Best Bet program which includes tons of everyday items at really great prices. Right now all of our coffees and teas are on sale. Come check it out.

      Deborah Miller
      Marketing & Communications Director
      A Southern Season

    2. Maybe try calling Cliff's in Carrboro. He got duck legs for me once when Whole Foods couldn't (or wouldn't, actually - they said they weren't selling duck because of animal cruelty issues).

      I hadn't heard about Southern Season closing. I really really hope that isn't true.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        whole foods does not do duck confit but they do whole ducks. If you do the whole duck i recommend doing a special order not one of the frozen ones that sometimes appear in the case

      2. Hi nekst,
        We do carry both duck and goose fat at A Southern Season. Just ask anyone at our deli and they can point it out. You might want to call us (929-7133) before driving over, just in case we're out. Us employees use it all the time :) And we are NOT closing!

        Deborah Miller
        Marketing & Communications Director
        A Southern Season

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          1. re: Deborah Miller

            does southern season do duck confit?

            1. re: quazi

              yes -- I've bought it there recently, and appears always in stock

              1. re: walras

                I couldn't find any sort of duck in Charlotte for Valentine's day. Went to Southern Season last week and stocked up on D'Artagnan foie gras (on sale!!!), duck fat and duck breast. Yippee!