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Feb 19, 2009 09:08 AM

best fried oyster recipes???

I made little oyster po-boys last week (called em sliders), came out really great the second time as I soaked the oysters in hot sauce before dredging in flour/corn meal.

I'm particularly looking for great recipes for fried seafood: oysters, shrimp, etc.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by recipes. Fried oysters are fried oysters... BUT! I can offer some advice. I think the less batter, the better. This goes with all seafood for me.

    I can imagine many of the gloppy, heavily breaded shrimp and oysters I've had over the years but the truly stellar ones are the ones that were very lightly battered. You know, the kind you can literally see through. At home I usually use a rice flour and cold club soda mix. That gives me a nice result.

    1. The recipe in Think Like a Chef is wonderful - I'll paraphrase a bit later for you.

      1. I have no real experience with the original southern versions, but what tastes good to me is:
        --2/3 flour
        --1/3 corn meal (anson mills ideally...the rougher grind means some of the bits "pop" when they hit the hot oil)
        --seasoning: I like a lot of cayenne, a fair amount of thyme, either fresh or recently dried and then crushed, a little bit of old bay, salt

        I tried once with herbs du provence, which was good, but it can easily overpower the oysters. Something about thyme on its own doesn't seem to overpower them for me.

        Also, in terms of handling, I shuck all my oysters in a batch first, draining the fluid into a bowl with the oysters. Then you can swish the oysters around with your finger tips, and any bits of shell or sand will drop to the bottom of the bowl. Pick the oysters up from the bowl, again with your finger tips, and any junk should stay behind. Then you can strain the oyster liquor for another purpose (freeze and use to season chowder?).

        I don't dredge them in egg--I just let the flour/cornmeal mixture adhere to the naturally wet surface and then go straight into the frying pan at super high heat.