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Feb 19, 2009 09:06 AM

Good Eats Near Murray's?

I'm taking a class at Murray's on Bleeker this weekend and was want to know the who, what and where's of places to go and eat/relax in between classes. Any help would be appreciated. Everything would have to be within walking distance. I just looked on google at the street level view and there looks to be plenty, but would anybody recommend any one place over another?

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  1. Pearl Oyster Bar, Intoteca, Perilla, Mercatido Grove, Centro Vinoteca, Little Owl, and sandwich at Fiacco's, John's Pizza foor decent touristy pizza to name a few....lots of good places in that 'hood

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        I'm from New Haven, CT so touristy pizza doesn't sound to intriguing for me, but I noticed Fiacco's and that sounded interesting. I also noticed a "trattoria" next door, is that something of interest?

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          definately skip John's if you are from NH.....Fiacco's is great but its just a deli so there there is nowhere to sit, if the weather is decent you could eat somewhere outside I guess....Take a look at Inoteca, if it is not busy it is a great place to have a few snacks and a glass of wine (do a search for specific reco's)...I dont know which trattoria you reference but Po is right there and is pretty Pearl Oyster Bar to...oh and market table is right in that hood to...

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            check Intoteca (that is the sister restaurant)....look at 'Ino ...

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              Pearl Oyster Bar won't be open for lunch, unfortunately. The OP may enjoy just browsing the local food shops - here's the link to the list I made a while back. A lot of them are along Bleecker itself:


        2. When you said "in between classes", do you know how much time you have in between classes and what time? I asked between if you only have limited time then some places will not work for you. If it is early, then restaurants like Perilla which only opens for dinner will not work either.

          Are you looking for snacks or like a full meal?

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            Perilla serves brunch on the weekends I believe, though I've not been - I just noticed the menu.

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                In that case, you have some time for a sit-down lunch. For Italian, I recommend 'ino (Bedford just west of sixth avenue)- have a nice glass of wine with some crostini or a panino. For Mexican, Mercadito Grove (seventh ave. north of Bleecker) is very good-try the tacos. I also like Galanga Thai (west 4th, east side of sixth ave), especially their drunken noodles. I recommend that you aim to be in and out of these places within an hour or so, so that you have some time to explore the other specialty food shops in the area- Faicco pork store is good for pasta and imported Italian foods; Ottomanelli (Bleecker near seventh ave) and Florence (Jones Street) butchers are among the best in the city. Amy's bread (next to Murray's) has very good layer cake by the slice, as well as breads; Patisserie Claude (West 4th, east of seventh ave) has excellent French pastry. Grom gelato (Bleecker & Carmine) is fantastic.
                Other places to consider: Bar Pitti (Italian on sixth ave. north of Houston); Perilla (American weekend brunch on Jones St.).
                Should you run out of time and need something really fast, Murray's has good sandwich options, and Five Guys Burger (seventh ave, west side of Bleecker) is surprisingly tasty. Or get a couple of slices from Joe's Pizza on Carmine. They are still the best example of the NY slice, IMO. Have fun!

            1. For something sweet, or a savory snack, with a glass of wine, check out Sweet Revenge around the corner on Carmine.
              Also in the area Blue Ribbon Bakery.

              1. I like Blue Ribbon Bakery, which is pretty close to there, delicious brunch and small plates throughout the day

                1. THANK YOU ALL!!! for the great rec's...I'll report back on Monday.