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high-end Chinese in Richmond Hill? Help!

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  • MissV Feb 19, 2009 09:06 AM
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Hi - I just moved here from Vancouver so don't know the "scene" well yet. I have to make reservations for TONIGHT for a business dinner at a high end Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill, close to Hwy 7 & Leslie.

I've tried to look online, but it is hard to know - I need a place that serves good food, has good service, and doesn't look/smell like a dive. Cost isn't an issue.

These are the ones I could find - are any of them good? Is there a better spot I don't know about? Please advise ASAP! Thank you! :-)

Regal 16
1 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill

Full House Restaurant
328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill

Peaktop on Hwy 7 just east of Woodbine
3085 Hwy 7

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  1. I would say Yang's on Bayview. Charles Yu is one of our resident Chinese food experts and he lives in the area and recommended it. I've only been for dim sum, which was excellent. The space is totally clean and modern, and appropriate for a business meeting.

    There have been a couple of threads on it. I'll do a quick search and see if I can find them for you.

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      Here you go:


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        Thank you sooooo much! I appreciate it! :-)

    2. A little bit closer to your area (if your client is staying at one of those hotels nearby Times Square), is O-Mei on Hwy 7. Especially the Lobster 4 ways (but you need to order one that's pretty significant in size). Warning: It's quite filling, so depending on the number of people you have attending, you may not need to order much more. Some say the noodles as the last dish is better than the fried rice (I haven't tried the noodle dish yet). It's another Charles Yu recommendation, before Yang's was around.


      1. I wouldn't consider Peaktop "high end".

        You could try Diamond Banquet Hall (It's actually in the same plaza as Peaktop but closer to Fairburn Dr. ). I've only been there for dimsum recently though. I usually go to Lucky Season, which is in Times Square (Hwy 7 and Leslie).

        1. Regal 16 is known for their shark's fin, if that is of interest to you...

          My go to spot right now is definitely Yang's.

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            Definitely second, third, fourth, etc. Yang's. It's excellent. Only had one or two things that weren't great.

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              Regal 16 has gone down hill!!!

            2. La Chine is a fusion Chinese restaurant.


              Dragon Boat is also not bad too...it's just down the street from La Chine.