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Feb 19, 2009 08:10 AM

la condesa on 2nd st

my usual bike route to work took me past lambert's last week and i saw, across the street from it, some interesting-looking construction happening... and today i biked by and saw that same construction had come quite a ways, and is going to be a new restaurant called la condesa. i have to say i get excited about interesting decor/interiors almost as much as i do about good food, so i was really happy to see that we're going to have another place to eat that's as pretty to look at as lamberts.

looks like they already had their soft opening (last night?)

despite the annoying review above that doesn't tell us much about the food, i'm excited to check it out. anyone know anything about this? any 'hounders invited to the soft opening and have sneak preview insight?

any 'hounders wanna try to have a small-ish group dinner (or lunch) there sometime?

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  1. Their website just says opening in February, but no menu listed yet. Looking forward to hearing about this place.

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      1. I'm a line cook in that neighborhood, and some of the managers from La Condesa have been stopping in our place--make a long story short, word is they are extremely nice, put off a very positive vibe, even making nice with one of the dishwashers (who are usually treated like untouchables by upper management in the trade). I understand they've had the kitchen running for a few weeks now.

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          1. As our posting guidelines explain:

            "We don't allow reviews of "soft open" or "friends and family nights", which are held for a select group prior to the restaurant's opening to the general public. These nights represent either the restaurant pulling out all the stops to impress for a smaller than usual crowd or the time when a restaurant is still working out the kinks and not expecting public review. They won't usually accurately represent the actual experience of dining at the restaurant once it's fully open for business."

            We've removed some reports about the soft opening meal and ask hounds to refrain from reporting until the restaurant is fully open to the public.

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              They opened to the public last night. We walked by on the way to Lamberts. Didn't look too crowded at 6:30 but I'm guessing they'll be swamped for a bit. They are taking reservations on Open Table. I'm not terribly excited by another upscale Mexican place downtown (Manuals, Maria Maria, Cantina Laredo) but maybe they'll be different and interesting. I sure wouldn't have thought I'd still be enjoying Lambert's fancy barbecue years later either.