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Feb 19, 2009 07:55 AM

need a breakfast tip for 6th ave/ W42nd for Friday

Hi Manhattan Chowhounders! I'm I giant bundle of gastronomic envy after searching through these threads looking for a tip - but I'm running out of time so I give up and appeal for direct help :)

I am visiting Manhattan this weekend, staying near 6th ave/w 42nd, arriving early on Friday and need to meet a friend near the hotel.

I want a good & affordable breakfast spot where we can eat for ~<$10. Could be a reliable greasy spoon or could be something with a wonderful different kind of breakfast.

Anyone with a tip, I would SO MUCH appreciate it!!

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  1. you can go to pershing square if you are willing to walk east a bit.

    1. I work in that area and it's tough to find a good but casual place. For a little more than your price point (but not too much) and very close to where you will be - I'd suggest Le Pain Quotidien on 40th east of 6th ave. Even though it's a chain, I think they have nice quality ingredients and the atmosphere is good too for a casual breakfast.

      The other place I'd recommend for a casual breakfast is Dishes on 45th east of 5th ave. I believe they have a breakfast buffet but it's not like something out of a bad movie or anything like that. They are basically a higher end casual eatery, if that makes sense at all. They are good about getting quality ingredients - I usually get lunch there and the place is mobbed.

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        Great suggestions. Le Pain Quotidien is a favorite of mine for breakfast and not at all "chainy." Very nice rustic French (Belgian actually) decor and excellent food and coffee. Wonderful fresh, homemade breads include whole grain and walnut, which are sliced just prior to serving. Also spectacular muffins and assorted egg dishes. I do not think Pershing Square is worth going out of the way for. I only ate there once but was very unimpressed.

      2. The Red Flame Diner, 44th just east of 6th, is a good traditional NYC diner.

        1. Amy's Bread is on 9th Ave and 46th St, and the walk is not bad for really fresh, yummy pastries!