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Feb 19, 2009 07:55 AM

Mario's Peruvian - Loved it!! [pics]

There was a wait and the small restaurant was packed. We waited about 30 minutes - since it was cold I waited inside but felt kind of in the way of all the servers bringing food/dishes in/out.

By the time we got seated, we already knew what we wanted to order.
(All photos:


We wanted something light with seafood, so instead of going with the deep fried stuff, we went with the Siete Mares soup ($13.00)The seafood was fresh, and the broth was very delicious! The name siete mares means "seven seas" so I tried counting the number of seafood types: squid, crab, shrimp, clam, mussels, fish, octopus. This is a relatively light dish - again, I Loved the broth. Do give it a try sometime!

I ordered the lomo saltado ($11.25) since I've been craving it for a while! Lomo saltado is beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and french fries.
The meat was a little tough, but the flavors were excellent. I love the fries also and kept eating them with the fragrant rice! Next time I might try out the seafood version, saltado mariscos, so I can avoid having my beef overcooked and yet still get to taste the delicious flavor of saltado.

For good measure we ordered dessert: Crema volteada/flan ($3.00)
This is a pretty heavy duty flan! Rich and dense - a bit too dense for my taste although it's still tasty. Eat in moderation :P

Overall I loved Mario's. The food was excellent although I would stick with the seafood as the meat can be tough and overcooked ... The line can be long during dinner time, so go early or just prepare to wait! (It's worth it!!)

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  1. Now go to Puro Sabor and get jalea de mariscos, and the various potatoes and yuccas covered with sauces.

    Mario's and Puro - two champions holding hands.

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      I always turn to Mamita's in Glendale the Jalea is good there also. Just down the street on Brand is Lola's another good Peruvian (Brazilian owner) The have a wonderful grand wood fire oven in which the make just the best roasted chicken. And they also have a bar.

    2. Check out Balcones de Peru right up the street on Vine at Delongpre. Much better ambience than Mario's and they have beer and wine. Service is terribly slow though so be in a relaxed mood.

      Also, the lomo saltado at Balcones is tender and juicy. We went to Mario's consistently for a couple of years and their lomo was always tough.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'm noting them down and will definitely try them soon! :)
        If Balcones de Peru has the Cusquena Negra then I'll be a loyal customer immediately :P


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          Kotosh in Lomita always carried Cusquena Negra. But on our last visit a couple of weekends ago, I noticed it absent from their menu. What was in its place was Asahi Black Kuronama ("black raw"), which I personally prefer.

        2. Yeah Mario's delivers. Try the saltado mariscos next time. A plate of heaven.

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            Mamita's is an A+. Worth a trip to Glendale. Try anything!