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Feb 19, 2009 07:44 AM

Good Food @ any Myrtle Beach Golf courses ?

Ofter after a round of golf we eat lunch @ many of the MB courses .For the most part ,many of the menues at the golf courses are very standard (hotdogs h-burgers ect)...Some have very good chicken salad ,but for the most part they are very very disappointing ..Why ? there any place better then the rest ? ..You would think with the captive audience they would made a real effort to up grade thier fare ?

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  1. I am suprised that this post ,with all the golfers that play MB ,has not gotten a better response ..I believed that someone would have something to say ,but this might be one primary reason that golf course food continues to be bad .Golfer just do not care ..

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      Blue Herons has the skinny on MB golf course food. If she sees this thread I imagine she'll post her thoughts. If your post rolls off page one she may not see it though.

      1. re: Cpt Wafer

        Thanks for info .who is blue heron and how do I cantact her ..The golf course food in MB has alway puzzeled me.Because golf is the life blood of MB

        1. re: big1515

          She posts here regularly. She's posted before on MB golf course food. Here's a link to her profile. Maybe you can find some info if you look through her posts.