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Feb 19, 2009 07:10 AM

Vietnamese in Northern Detroit Subs

Hello all Detroit foodies I searched but find nothing on Chow. I found a few places in Madison Heights listed in the Metro Times. Any good advice or hidden gems that I am missing. Would love a big bowl of Pho.


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  1. I know that Stir Crazy in Great Lakes Crossing (I-75 & Joslyn/Baldwin) has pho.
    That said, I have never tried it.

    1. Get thee to Thuy Trang . John R west side just south of 13 Mile . Or Pho Hang at 13 and Dequindre . Go . Trust me . As far as northern meaning Auburn Hills or Oxford and the like , you are out of luck . Make the drive down to aforementioned places , you will not be disappointed .

      1. It sorta depends on what you want to eat:

        Best Pho: SW corner of dequindre and 13 mile. Service is somewhat shoddy, but its always pretty busy. Very typical Vietnamese restuarant feel. Wouldn't be out of place in Orange county or Virginia. If you can eat pork their :Com tan bi suong is pretty good too. Rice with pork chops and shredded pork. One of my favs. The Mi Vit Tiem (egg noodles with duck) is tasty as well.

        John R and 12.5 mile on the west side (across the street from Big Boy) is a smaller restaurant that's equally good. They have a great bun bo hue, a red, spicy noodle dish from the central portion of vietnam. Good, esp in cold weather. Overall tasty, but not quite as good as Pho Hang. The supermarket in this plaza also makes a decent banh mi thit. (Vietnamese subway).

        1. Thanks for the tips I did try Thang Long on John R north of 11 Mile. It was decent and took care of my PHO craving. I will try the other two suggestions in the future.

          Any other places out there?