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Feb 19, 2009 07:06 AM

Los Reyes Mexican Grill Grand Opening

If anyone can break out for lunch they have 99cent ritas all day, and free nachose or queso for their opening. Live Mariachis as well.

13776 Hwy 183 N Ste. 145

In the HEB shopping center.

Let us know how it is if you get to try it.

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  1. We went there last Friday, 2/13, when it had only been open for a week. The restaurant is very nice and clean on the inside. Our server was friendly and prompt (I recognized her from Gaudalajara on 620).

    The chips are fresh and thick. They provide two salsas, both red, one pureed and one chunky with lots of cilantro and onions. Even though there was minimal heat and somewhat boring, and I like them both. I had a combo plate that included a chicken enchilada, cheese enchilada, a tamale - all with chili con carne and lots of yellow cheese on top. I love cheese and it was too much. The enchiladas were both good...nothing too interesting b/c I can't remember any details. The tamale was not good...the masa was very thick and overpowering. My plate also came with a crunchy beef taco, which I enjoyed very much. The shell was nice and cripsy, the beef well seasoned, the veggies fresh and the cheese just fine.

    Their rice was good. Nothing exciting about it, but tasty just the same. I did not try the beans, but my dinner companion tried both the refried and the borracho beans. He thought the borracho were better but they were only midlevel in yumminess.

    For what it is worth, our neighbor said the carne guisada is very good and that the tortillas are homemade and delicious. I feel like I might have just ordered the wrong thing. The verde enchiladas and fajitas I saw going by looked very good too. Oh and I saw many people enjoying very large ritas. I'll be back to try those for sure.

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      How would you compare it to Jardin Corona or Guadalajara?

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        I haven't been enough to give a throrough answer on that but from what I've eaten, I'd say Jardin Corona is better and that Guadalajara and Los Reyes are in a tie right now. Los Reyes is in our neighborhood, so I'm sure we'll try it again. I'll report then.

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          We went Saturday night and liked it. I'd forgotten mitzi's comments about the tamales and ordered the tamale plate. They do come out smothered in chili con carne and lots of white and yellow cheese. For me, that's really what saved them, but I can understand how that could be on the cusp of "too much cheese" (words you'll almost never hear me utter). My husband's burrito was smothered the same way. I'm guessing that tops a lot of the dishes. The tamales themselves were as mitzi described. Too much masa. At the ends, they seemed to be well-stuffed with pulled pork. But, in the middles, they were all masa. They were seasoned well. I probably won't order the tamales again, but they made me want to try other things well smothered in cheese.

          I'm having trouble comparing them to Jardin Corona and Guadalajara... both of which have let me down. Last time I went to Jardin Corona (the CP loc), my enchiladas came out lukewarm. That really soured me on them. As for Guadalajara, I've found a couple of things I like well enough, although there's nothing I'd really rave about. My husband loves their flavors and always wants to go there for lunch. My go-to dish at Tex Mex restaurants is always cheese enchiladas, and I really dislike the ones at Guadalajara. So, I guess I have my fingers crossed for Los Reyes and am looking forward to trying more things there. Oh, and the plates came out too hot to touch. Take that, Jardin Corona.

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            stephanieh, could you elaborate on what you dislike about the Guadalajara enchiladas? I am the same--my favorite tex mex dish is simple cheese enchiladas. I first read about Guadalajara in this thread, have not been there yet, so curious about your opinion on the enchiladas. I did not like the Los Reyes cheese enchilada--too much cheese, not enough suace, no onions.

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              Sure! I think the most disappointing thing about them was that they weren't as filling as other cheese enchiladas. It seemed like they used smaller tortillas, maybe, or less cheese inside. They just seemed "wimpy". The other thing is that they use the "brown gravy" style of chile con carne sauce, which is fine, but a little bland. I like chile con carne to have a deeper brick red color, and be flavored by the chile, not just salt alone. I've recently discovered that Guadalajara's sauce on their mole enchiladas, while not being the best version of mole I've had, is actually pretty close to what I expect in a chile con carne sauce. I guess sometime when I'm back there, I could ask them to use the mole sauce on cheese enchiladas and see if I like that.

              I don't think they come with onions. If they did, I'd order it without, but I don't remember having to. They're pretty nice at Guadalajara, though. If you asked, they'd probably add them.

              1. re: stephanieh

                Thanks for the info Stephanie. I'll definitely have to check it out. I have yet to find a great cheese enchilada in town. Like you say, it mostly comes down to the chili sauce. I like mine with lots of cumin and chili powder flavor. I'll keep looking!

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                  cstrombe, I found some really good cheese enchiladas at El Matador in Round Rock. I posted some details here...


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                    Cool, thanks stephanieh, will add to my list of must-trys. Sounds promising.

    2. Hubby and I went to Los Reyes yesterday for supper. Let me begin by saying that in a city like Austin, with as many Mexican restaurants as we have, if you're not going to bother doing at least acceptable food, don't bother opening.

      We found the menu to be odd and confusing. Truly, they probably have a dozen or so selections, but then offer them in a dizzying array of choices with cutesy names. They have an insert for seafood...which has no connection with Mexican cuisine. The sides offered are fries, baked potatoes, rice, steamed veggies and salad.

      On to the dinner.

      Meh tortilla chips served with pureed and chunky tomato sauce. Left uneaten.

      Hubby ordered stuffed flounder. The waitress did not ask him what sides he wanted or even dressing for salad. The salad was the palest version of iceberg and tomatoes artfully presented with sliced radished encircling it that I've ever seen, served with Ranch which hubby doesn't care for. Unused sauce from above called to duty. Fish arrives with steamed Normandy veg (hubby says over-cooked and bland), Mexican rice (woohoo something Mexican!) which is bland but edible and the fish. Ahhhh...the fish...two fillets with stuffing holding them together. Top layer was very fishy smelling. Hubby says that one has actually started to go bad. He slides it to the side. Bottom layer is okay, but very oily from cooking method. It only gets a few bites. Stuffing is sorta reminiscent of Stove Top with shrimp and (hubby swears!) pasta (???) Shrimp is okay. He picks these out and is his main dinner.

      My selection was one of the specials: Golden poblano with grilled shrimp. I ask the difference between the chili rellenos and golden poblano. It's the sauce. CR has ranchero and melted cheddar and GP has queso. I want shrimp so... Sides are refried beans and rice. Plate arrives very, very hot. Beans look dried and cracked around edges, rice looks dried on top, GP looks okay. When offering cool enough to eat, beans bland, rice exceeding dry, shrimp in GP are overcooked and very chewy and...the cheese inside is...mozarella??? Okaaaay. Queso actually helps flavor the rice and beans. Shrimp ends up left on side. Dinner consists of GP. I'm guessing the whole thing was run under a broiler to melt the mozarella. Here's a hint to chefs. Don't put the sides on first or grill the shrimp and over-cook them attempting to melt cheese. The sides should have been plated afterward.

      Other peeves: my dinner arrived about 5min before hubby's. Good thing it was so freaking hot. Flour tortillas, while they looked homemade, were crispy, chewy and greasy. What's up with the basket of bread and Shedd's spread? And your iced tea - ugh!

      Waitress stayed away (probably due to unhappy faces we wore), presented check halfway through "meal" and didn't ask if we wanted dessert.

      Oh, and this was my birthday dinner (hubby has promised we'll re-do it later this week). On the way home we went through a Wendy's drive-through and were home in time to nosh on burgers and watch "Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles"

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      1. re: Nakhash

        you definitely deserve a birthday dinner re-do!

        1. re: Nakhash

          I appreciate the efforts to describe the bad experience at length. We ate there last weekend and don't really have the energy to go into detail about how bad it was. We had enchiladas, carne guidsada and queso and all of it was just poor. I like your quote: "in a city like Austin, with as many Mexican restaurants as we have, if you're not going to bother doing at least acceptable food, don't bother opening." So true.

        2. yikes. Hate to hear such horrible reviews. Hope yall were able to give some constructive criticism so they can improve. Can't imagine being brave enough to start a place in this economy, but clearly this won' cut it.