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Feb 19, 2009 06:44 AM

Albion/Boundary - anyone been yet? (Shoreditch)

I am meeting a friend there tomorrow night for a drink and maybe a meal - anyone been and have any thoughts?

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  1. I haven't, but the elder Hermano has (albeit for their first service):

    1. I've only been there to buy a cupcake (50p) and a rubarb hazelnut pie (1.50). I liked both goods a lot especially for their value. I would really like to go there for a proper meal. Let me know how it goes.

      On another note, I can't wait till their rooftop bar is open. I'm a sucker for those things especially since I love them back in NYC.

      1. Yes I went to Albion in a group of 8 about two weeks ago. I very much enjoyed it. Relatively cheap, good food. I had the steak and kidney pudding that had a good suet crust and lots of meat. The skirt and chips was a small sized steak but a good taste and the chips were proper. The chicken pie was huge.

        Good extra touches as well: The crackling for £1 is good, and they serve Meantime stout which is a top class drink.

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          Had a great lunch at Albion on Saturday. Had to queue for about ten minutes but it was worth it - started with asparagus, which was served without any frills, but no need as it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. My main of kedgeree was delicious - quite delicately flavoured but still packed a punch, and served with a really good mango chutney (which I believe is available from their deli). The only let down was the summer pudding - it was just too cold so lost any of the sweet and tart flavours of the berries. It's really good value - great ingredients and cooking and nothing over £10 - although the wine list perhaps makes up for this - for a very informal deli-style place I felt the wine list didnt really offer much int he lower price range (I think the cheapest white was about £18). Will definitely be going back - their English breakfast looked fantastic.

          1. re: pj26

            oh man, they had kedgeree there. When I went on a Friday at 6.30, I ordered the rump steak and tomato salad. The rump steak was grilled and seasoned very well and included a bit of bone marrow (yum!). It was priced at £9.75. The tomato salad was very fresh and was pretty much various types of tomatoes sliced, seasoned with salt and topped off with parsley. Priced at £4.75 it was a bit expensive but the quality of the tomatoes they used made up for the price. For pudding, I had the apple and blackberry crumble whilst my friend had the chocolate cake. Both were very good but nothing to rave about to be honest. The good part was that both desserts were fairly light and it didn't make you feel like you ate a ton. Both were between £5-6. The white wine was nothing special but I ordered the cheapest class at £3.75.

            The crowd at the Albion was those very cool older East London types mixed in with after work City workers. I tried going to the rooftop bar before our early dinner but since the weather was amazing two Fridays ago, the rooftop was full. I would love to go to the rooftop as well. I miss those here in London.