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Feb 19, 2009 06:10 AM

Lemon Pie in Vancouver?

Are there any really good lemon pies in Vancouver? By good I mean a somewhat tart lemon filling, crisp flaky crust and a meringue that is not too sweet, has a proper texture and does not taste like it was made from a mix . The Capers on 4th used to have small ones that weren't bad but I understand they no longer make them. Any other suppliers for my lemon pie jones?

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  1. The best lemon meringue pie I've had is from Sweet e's in Kerrisdale on 41st Ave. The price may make you faint, but it definitely tastes as good as it looks. I think it may have a shortbread crust instead of a regular pie crust. On another similar note, Savory Island Pie Company in West Van makes one of my favorite pies ever - Lemon Buttermilk pie with's a good thing I live two bridges away. Best pie crust hands down, but probably not quite what you're craving. Still, if you ever have the may become a convert.

    1. I'm not a lemon pie guy, but I find the pies from the place in the Public Market on Granville Island to be excellent.

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        Thanks Quattrociocchi and JEheartbreak: I have heard about Savory but I'm not yet ready to pay $26 or more for a pie although maybe that is the price of quality these days; I assume Sweet e's is even higher. I had forgotten about the pie place on the Island but I will give it a try next time I'm by. A friend today suggested I check out Tartine on Beach although she was not sure whether they made lemon pies so that is next on my list.


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          To good thing about the Island is that you can try a slice before ponying up for the whole pie. :)

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          I was recently lured into a slice of the Lemon Meringue from the place in Granville Island and I have to say - it was not good. The meringue was weeping and too sweet, the filling tasted like Sheriff's, and the crust was soggy.

          Ganache in Yaletown makes a really lovely little lemon meringue tart. Urban Fare's is also not too shabby. But, other than Savoury Island and Tartine, I haven't found a place to get a really good whole lemon meringue pie - other than my house.

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            Bummer. Their bumbleberry pie is excellent.

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              Thanks for saving me a trip to the Island; I am encouraged by your Tartine support as I hope to stop in there next week and of course your house as well if you do take out (-:


              1. re: Philx

                A bit more love for Tartine's pies: a couple of weeks ago SIL got one of their frozen ones (not lemon meringue of course), baked it up and it was good. And I'm pretty picky about pie crust.