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Feb 19, 2009 05:55 AM


Can you buy Tortoni anywhere in the area?

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  1. Pagliuca's in the North End lists it on their menu. I've eaten there once or twice, but
    never ordered dessert. If you dine there just to get at some Tortoni, maybe call them
    first to make sure their website menu is current. Also, I assumed that some of the
    North End cafes that carry the imported Binidi line of desserts may have Tortoni.
    I know I've had Tartufo which is similar flavors, although in a ball shape.
    check: Good luck.
    PS: Tortoni is pretty easy to make . I just fold sofe vanilla ice cream into whipped cream and layer in a wine glass with crushed amaretti cookies and top with an quality maraschino. Silver Palate brand at whole foods is outstanding, albeit $$$$$.
    I personnaly like mine topped with Nutella !!

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      Thanks for your response. I will check out Whole Foods.

      1. re: Fort Point

        My reference to Whole Foods is where I purchased the quality cherries to top your own homemade tortoni. I've never purchase tortoni at WF... just the cherries and their imported nutella. Sometimes my mind goes ahead of my typing, so I did not want to leave you with a bum steer and wanted to clarify. :)

      2. re: Buddernut

        btw, tortoni is not traditionally ice cream, although it's become americanized to be that. it's egg whites whipped with egg yolks folded in, hot simple syrup poured in to "cook" the eggs, then whipped cream is folded in to finish. it should be light as air. there was a recent article in the ny times, in fact.

      3. Here's an interesting historical note about the origins of tortoni, that may get deleted, w/a reference to the Gardner Museum's stolen "Chez Tortoni":

        1. here's a link to a recipe from last sunday's ny times:

          1. Just a quick note, folks, that general discussion on the nature of Tortoni would be better suited to our General Topics board, and recipe discussion to our Home Cooking board. If your suggestions isn't a place where Fort Point can find Tortoni in the Boston Area, please start a new thread on the appropriate board -- you can paste a link to it from here.