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Feb 19, 2009 05:48 AM

Where to eat in Williamsburg?

I've lived in New York for 5 years but I've ventured out to Williamsburg a total of one time. I'll be there this Saturday for a concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a nice, casual dinner before the show? Nothing too expensive, but I'm open to any type of cuisine. I'm basically asking, if I have one meal in Williamsburg, where should I go eat? Thanks!

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  1. What are you looking to spend? What cuisine are you looking for? Also, what is your timeframe? A lot of good spots in WB are pretty full on saturday nights at prime hour, so you may have to wait depending on what time you arrive.

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      Someplace with entrees in the low $20s and under range would be good and I'm open to any cuisine: American, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese. The concert starts at 8pm, so I think we're aiming to eat around 6pm to avoid being rushed.

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        Relish is close by. The serve one of my favorite burgers (with the relish and blue cheese) and the specials that appeal to me are normally pretty tasty too. Hipster'ude is the norm for service.

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          I highly recommend El Almacen on Driggs & N7. It's still BYOB so if you want beer or wine be sure to pick some up on your way. It's quickly becoming my go-to spot. It's delicious! It's crowded usually for dinner, but I think at 6pm you should be ok. It's fairly new, here's a link with some info:

          I also love Walter Foods (Grand & Roebling). A bit more pricey, but could easily fit into your $20/entree range if you choose to do so. If you like seafood (ie oysters oysters oysters) this is your spot. They also have a wide selection of other upscale "comfort style" foods like fried chicken, a really good burger, steaks, and pasta dishes. It's a bit heavy, but I love their food and they have great cocktails and a bar.

          Stay away from Sea on N6 and Planet Thai on N7, both Awful. Most of the places on the North 6 strip (and immediate surrounding area) are pretty bad, with the exception of Sweet Water, which I like. If you feel like going a bit further from your venue there is Motorino on Graham or DuMont on Union. The latter takes reservations.

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            Oh wow, El Almacen's menu looks amazing. Thanks malibu! I think we'll try to go there. Which dishes do you recommend?

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              Our fave apps are the spinach/cheese empanadas and the calamari. We were slightly blown away by the sauce on the calamari. SO GOOD. The guac was good, but pretty ordinary. My husband had the costilla de des (braised short ribs) and was seriously freaking out at how good they were. The waiter said they were cooked for 12 hours that day and was really excited about that. I have had the tilapia and it was definitely good, but wished I had tried the tacos. The people at the next table had them and they looked yummy. You should give the avocado fries a whirl too. I *had* to try them. They were tasty. Have fun...I hope you like it!

              1. re: malibu

                El Almacen was great! I really liked the intimate bistro vibe and the food was terrific. My friend and I shared:

                Ensalada de Remolacha-fresh and light spinach salad with manchego cheese, almonds, beets and a good tangy dressing
                Corn on the cob-rich but not too heavy and slathered in chipotle mayo and parmesan
                Chorizo tacos-if you like chorizo, you will like these, though they were a little salty
                Braised short ribs-so tender and flavorful and served with delicious sweet potato mash
                Avocado fries-loved the contrast of the crunchy exterior with the creamy avocado and became addicted to the spicy ketchup that was served with them

                The desserts didn't appeal to us and we had some time before the concert, so we walked to Penny Licks. We'd never tried vegan desserts before and were wary, but we had a super-fudgy brownie topped with chocolate mousse and a white chocolate-covered pretzel and it was amazing. We thought it tasted like a "real" brownie with butter and eggs.

                Thanks again malibu! El Almacen was a great recommendation!

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                  awesome! i'm glad you liked it. i'm going to go back this week. i need to try those tacos and that corn sounds good.

      2. fette sau has great beer, bourbon & bbq - whatever you do - dont order the sides :)

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          Fette sau has excellent pulled pork and very good brisket beef. Real smoked BBQ with terrific flavor. And yes, the sides are awful (except the beans).