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Feb 19, 2009 05:03 AM

May Bachelor Party

This is probably a question you don't get often...

I am planning my brother's bachelor party in Montreal, and one night we would like to have a large, banquet-style dinner at a place with good food at a decent price (figure about $80-100 per person). As far as food style, it would probably be good to keep it simple and non-ethnic due to the number of people we expect - about 20.

Steak places seem to work well for this type of thing, as well as family-style Italian. But, if we're going to be in Montreal we might as well find a favorite local place. I leave it up to you Hounds!

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

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  1. Actually, it comes up all the time.

    Plug bachelor or "bachelor party" (with the quotation marks) into the Search This Board box at the top of the page and you'll get lots of earlier replies.