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Feb 19, 2009 04:39 AM

Where can I find Caprice des Anges?

I went to France not so long ago and I tried a cheese called Caprice des Anges. I loved it! This cheese is in a plastic container and is available at a regular supermarket in France. I tried looking for a store that would sell this online, but have been unsuccessful so far. I was wondering if someone knew of a place that would possibly sell this online or around the LA area. (crossing my fingers). Thanks, have a good day!

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  1. You might check with these guys and see what they say. This may very well be one of those cheeses that aren't legal to bring into the US for "health reasons" and that's why you aren't finding it.

    1. my amazing friend Laura, who has bomb ass researching and cross-referencing abilities, has discovered, that the reason this cheese is not available in the Americas is because it has a shelf life of 20 days. The type of cheese, fromage frais, is a fresh cow milk cheese, that only the most unique and specialty cheese shops will have this type of cheese. I bow down to Laura's amazing powers.

      PS. If anyone is looking for it, you can purchase it at

      1. I have been trying to find the same thing for about 3 years! I am hoping that website listed under your replies works. It's the best cheese for breakfast!