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Feb 19, 2009 02:14 AM

I Love Vinegar!!!!!!!!!

I love anything pickled. I eat marinated artichoke hearts out of the jar. My sandwiches always have sour pepper rings. My bread at dinner is DRENCHED in balsamic. I LOVE VINEGAR!!!!! Anyone else??

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  1. Ditto! My salads always consist of a bit of creamy dressing (ranch or honey mustard) with loads of vinegar sprinkled on top. I love the tang of it. Champagne vinegar is my favorite. I also love pickled jalapenos and pepperchinis.

    And who can eat fish & chips without malt vinegar??!! Yum!

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    1. re: sheilal

      "Fish, chips and vinegar...vinegar...vinegar. Fish, chips and vinegar...pepper, pepper, pepper, salt." Remember this song sung as a round--it was the third part. It hits me whenever my guy orders fish & chips as he always wants malt vinegar with it. "One bottle of pop, two bottles of pop..." "Don't put your muck in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard..."

      I actually love pepperoncini peppers on my sandwich for the same vinegary reason as you, schrutefarms. They're a must on any Italian combo-like thing I make (though rare for me now)...salami, proscuittini, provolone and pickled pepperoncini.

      Also had a very delicious bruschetta over the weekend topped with scallop, smoked salmon and drizzled with balsamic. NICE! And I picked up a raspberry balsamic a couple of weeks ago when I was experimenting with a new recipe. There are so many vinegar variations, you could go nuts exploring them all. Maybe have a tasting party? :)

      EDIT: P.S. Of course you love vinegar. Is there any other way to eat beets (schrutefarms)?! ;)

    2. Let's see - right now I have plain white (good for cleaning), rice, seasoned rice, brown rice, hato mugi (Jacob's Tears), purple sweet potato, Sherry, Red balsamic, white balsamic, apple cider, coconut, and red wine vinegars.

      I'm planning on trying asparagus, beer, Banyul's wine, black currant, cherry, ice wine, apricot, elder berry, fig, and apple vinegars (and others) when I have more room and my wife says its O.K...

      Oh yeah - I have had some herb infused ones (tarragon, rosemary, etc.) also...

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      1. re: Richard 16

        Richard, have you been in my cupboard? :-)

        I take huge grief from my people about my vinegar fixation. "There goes Cay again with her vinegared this, and vinegared that," and what the newest bottle is.

        BUT: The people are also pleased with the outcome. Two days ago I got a full body tackle-type hug from Miss 16 daughter, proclaiming the vinegary Filipino chicken and pork adobo with spiced coconut vinegar "the best meal everrrrrr." She asked how I made it. I told her it's all in the vinegar simmer.

        The Hub gets a lttle annoyed with the vinegar inventory, but since it's not going to go bad, I ignore the annoyance. Still, he was kind enough to give be carte blanche on Valentine's day to buy all the vinegary and pickled things I love at one of my favorite markets.

        Damn, this thread is making me want to infuse some vinegars!

        Glad to know there are other sour folks out there!


        1. re: Richard 16

          I bought a fig balsamic awhile ago--it's great, all you need is bread.

          1. re: Richard 16

            Richard's been in my pantry, too!
            I have got to try that hato Mugi, and I had no idea you could make vinegar from Purple sweet potatoes!
            That said, I couldn't live without my sherry vinegar, my blood orange vinegar, and the red wine vinegar I pay through the nose for just to put onto my salads.

            Richard, between the Banyuls (yum) and the Icewine (YUM!) try to find some late harvest Riesling vinegar- its great on ICECREAM.

          2. hahah, this bought to mind that thread about craving foods you need - maybe you have a vinegar imbalance!

            1. I love vinegar. French fries drenched (drowned!) in malt vinegar would have to be part of my last meal or I would refuse to die. *G* I love pork ribs in the slow cooker with some bottled sauce and about a cup of white vinegar. Easy, cheap and so tasty! And who could live without salt & vinegar potato chips? Well, I could, but I'd be unhappy.... I crave the bite of vinegar whenever I get a salad and the dressing is too sweet or creamy for my taste. I think I need to compose an Ode to Vinegar....

              1. Love Vinegar !! Find that when we travel to the USA I have to pack some small packets to have on hand for those food emergencies. Not generally offered as a condiment for fries there?? Most wait staff will look at me oddly.. not sure what I plan to put the vinegar on?

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                1. re: easily amused

                  No, it's not generally offered. I actually discovered my love of malt vinegar at a county fair, where they sell the most amazing freshly-sliced french fries. Now those food stands generally have the wisdom to offer vinegar - usually white and malt varieties. I don't know why it's not more available!