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Feb 19, 2009 01:25 AM

San Diego Mariscos (Talmadge/City Heights)

This post is not about dining, this is just street good eating... A tiny roach coach in a mini-mart parking lot connected to a tent full of picnic tables on the NE corner of 35th and El Cajon is doling out delicious Baja/San Felipe-style mariscos... I had a fish taco (deep fried filet variety, Tilapia if I had to guess), a pescado a la diabla taco .(eggs, fish, onions, peppers, hot sauce all grilled together), a shrimp-based ceviche, and a (I'd guess) shellfish-tomato broth that is given to you along with whatever food your order. My food was the bomb, the ceviche was amazing... my bill (I split the ceviche with my friend) was $4.50. I hope that truck stays there for a long time. It's pretty busy with the local Mexicans for a reason.

Kiko's Place
35th / El Cajon Blvd.

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  1. I've driven by this place countless times on my way to North Park Produce, sadly, I always stop my Mariscos German's truck on 35th and University before heading over. Have you tried this one? If so, how do they compare?

    Next time, I'll wait the extra 2 minutes and give Kiko's a try.

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      I've been meaning to check it out, perhaps this weekend

    2. Sounds way cheaper than Mariscos German.

      Am I reading this correct?

      1. I drive by Kiko's on my way to MG and always have wondered about them. Thanks for posting! Next time I'm in the mood, I'll give them a try.

        Was it ceviche that you had or a tostada? I always get the tostada mixta at MG and it's basically ceviche with 2 fried corn tortillas. It's $4.50. Their ceviche is much more expensive but I've yet to try it because I'm in such heaven with the tostada.

        1. is this the truck in the lot near the car wash and liquor store? used to eat there often when i lived in SD. excellent marlin tacos. excellent. they where smokey, almost porklike in their richness, like wonderful fish carnitas. oh man i miss that truck!

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            Mariscos German is in the liquor store parking lot -- And yes, the Marlin tacos are indeed fish carnitas. Still there and doing brisk business.

            1. re: Ewilensky

              and how! we ate there this weekend during my SD trip! 7 marlin tacos ($28) got 6 people through breakfast to dinner.... as good as Kiko's but the homemade corn tortillas put them over the edge! now if they'd only start serving bloody marys i might move back...

          2. When I looked at the Menu on the truck I immediately felt it was in some way affiliated with Mariscos German. It turns out I was somewhat correct on the similarities, after striking up conversation with the owners son, it turns out the owner of Kikos Mariscos is the brother of the owner of Mariscos German. Apparently they are not affiliated and he assured me they use different recipes. The only difference in the menu is Kiko has A La Diabla tacos, more burrito choices, and no cayo taco.

            Kikos Menu

            Kikos Gobernador

            Germans Gobernadors

            After comparing a few Menu Items, Id have to give German the edge (at this time). A few pluses for kikos is the service was awesome, and they have more seating available.

            I tried much more items then shown and I will provide more details when I get time. They also have a Viagra Cocktail which is their specialty, but was unavailible at the time.