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Feb 19, 2009 01:14 AM

a-zhong noodles: taipei > shanghai

has anyone tried the shanghai branch? it's a bit out of the way so i didn't get to go the last time i was there and am now left wondering if it's any good.

and if you'all know of a good 蚝子米线 place in beijing - HOLLA!

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  1. There appear to be seven branches of A-Zong in Shanghai, with pretty lukewarm ratings (anything in the 15-18 range is "acceptable" but less than "good." Shanghai has plenty of better-loved rice noodle places, usually with "Guilin" in the name.

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    1. re: Xiao Yang

      but 蚝子米线 isn't exactly any rice noodle dish nor should it ever have Guilin in its name. i'm assuming the ratings are from which i don't always trust. has anyone who likes taiwanese street food actually been to a-zong?

      1. re: leonleebaoyan

        I wasn't commenting on oyster noodle dishes, just updating the OP on the availability of A-Zong branches in Shanghai and mentioning the fact that dianping users found them less appealing than the Guilin rice noodle places. I have no idea what's on the menu of the Shanghai A-Zong branches, because I haven't tried them.

        You can choose not to trust trust a source that you don't agree with, but da zhong dian ping can muster as many as 15,000 reviews for a single restaurant, and when it comes to Chinese people rating Chinese food, it's as close to a consensus you'll ever get.

        1. re: Xiao Yang

          perhaps. but unlike chowhound, is a commercial site where listing position and placement are bought which skews that consensus - i know this because i've incurred their services before. And according the current consensus, Diary Queen is the # 25 in the "Best Tasting" restaurant in Beijing ... so i can't help but raise an eyebrow.

          1. re: leonleebaoyan

            From what I've heard about food in Beijing, I'm surprised that DQ is not higher on the list. Dazhong dianping's best "taste" award in Shanghai goes to the Lilian Bakery chain for its Portuguese egg tarts, but I'm careful to separate opinions about fad food treats from reviews of full service restaurants.

    2. Interesting: Ay-Chung's website only lists 3 locations in Taiwan

      and does not mention "branches" in the USA (or whatever is left of it) or China.

      One thing though, Ay Chung in Taiwan, only offers one item, the mien xien, two sizes, and only in the last few years started offering drinks.

      Based on XY's linkage to the page, one of the Shanghai locations appear to offer a multitude of Taiwanese style street food snacks (including oyster omlette). Sounds like overseas "branches" of Ay Chung are turning it into a proper sit down place with a lot of variety.

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        Many branches of chains on the mainland are fakes, and Taiwan based chains seem the most pirated. Sometimes the name is copied, sometimes the menu, sometimes the look and colour scheme.