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Feb 18, 2009 09:15 PM

Welcome Back, Norman!

Norman Van Aken reportedly coming back to Coral Gables in the space on the NW side of the Colonnade Hotel.

Thanks to Carolina at MenuPages for bringing the news ->

This is a block away from my office.

[great big smile].

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  1. Figured if he came back it'd be in a hotel a la Norman's in Orlando. But small plates? It's getting kinda tired here in Miami, and we got the trend a few years after it became popular in other cities!

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    1. re: lax2mia

      I honestly think his downfall resided precisely there. Plates were very pricy for not a lot of food, however elevated and interesting they were.

      I'm guessing we're talking about the Hoja Nueva space, which is quite large and ambitious (not as ambitious as his old and still dead space), though quite beautiful. Either way I wish him luck and hope he adds to the local scene just as he did before.

      Edit: should have read the article before posting. I hope they cut him a good deal on the rent.

    2. How wonderful!! Thanks for the good news.

      1. Best food news since Sra. Martinez was announced. YES!!

        Any idea when they might be opening?