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Feb 18, 2009 08:31 PM

Pizzaiolo's cocktail: amaro, campari, tonic, lime: recipe?

Finally dined at Pizzaiolo. Liked food, atmosphere but LOVED the Pizzaiolo cocktail. Menu lists ingredients: amaro, campari, tonic & lime. So I gathered all the ingredients and realized I had no clue how to put this together. Any ideas?

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  1. May I suggest you just experiment with the ingredients.Sounds pretty basic(and may I add bitter).You could always call the bartender for exact amounts.I'm curious did you drink this after,before or with your meal?Good luck.

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    1. re: casalbore spirit

      I drank it before my meal while waiting for my dinner guests. It was very refreshing on it's own.

    2. I spent a Thanksgiving playing with this, to the point that I couldn't remember how Pizzaiolo's own version tastes. However, I would suggest the following order while experimenting to taste:

      1) Balance the Campari and Amaro (I am assuming you have a dark brown version like Averna) to something you like, paying attention to moderating the Amaro's bitterness. I realize the Campari is also bitter but I'm sure you'll see what I mean. Remember you need the sweetness to balance the lime.

      2) add lime to taste

      3) bring up with tonic.

      I think I ended up with something like 1.5:1:1:1 Campari, Averna, lime, tonic

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      1. re: twocents

        Thanks. I'll give it a try. Yet another example of the beauty of Chowhound. I've never asked a question that hasn't received at least one thoughtful answer.

        1. re: chowfish

          also keep in mind that they make their own tonic and I think it might be really difficult to replicate the drink without their tonic.

          I love their tonic so much that I usually have just the tonic on the rocks with a lime wheel - AMAZING!

      2. Thank you, twocents--your proportions were just right.
        Pizzaiolo's bartender, Cate Whalen, was named one of five 2009 Bar Stars by the SF Chronicle today.