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Feb 18, 2009 08:06 PM

How is the Rusty Scupper in Bmore?

I am thinking of doing a romantic dinner at the Rusty Scupper in Baltimore and from the pictures it looks like a nice place. I am looking for something that offers good seafood, little more fancier so we can get dressed up on the date, and good view maybe? I have gotten mixed reviews from looking on the internet most of which was really old and out of date. Anyone have any, no pun in tended, food for thought? :)


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  1. It's got a fantastic view of the inner harbor.

    I've never been terribly impressed with the food, but I haven't been there in a number of years.

    1. We were there about three years ago, so things could have changed. We went for lunch with a gift certificate. I found the food to be the quality of a Fridays sort of place. The menu looked good, but most things were oversauced/overdone/too sweet, etc. I definitely wouldn't go back on my own dime, and wouldn't be thrilled to receive another gift cert.

      If you want a seafood place with a view of the harbor, McCormick and Schmick is decent. It's not amazing, but the food is fresh and I've found if you stick to simpler preparations, it can be pretty good. (I would bet that those more familiar with B-more and the harbor can give you much better recs, though.)

      1. I've never been for food, only to have drinks and listen to jazz. The view of the Harbor is really lovely.

        My boyfriend recently took visiting relatives there and thought the food is nice but not spectacular, and slightly overpriced since it's a real tourist trap.

        Being a native Baltimorean, I was all set to hate the place, but I was surprised by how nice the view was. Could you have a drink before or after dinner at RS, and then chow down elsewhere? What sort of food do you like?

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          Agree with the other posters. The food is not great but not bad either. The view is spectacular. I took out of towners there a while back, and honestly I would do so again just because of the view. We had a window table, it was raining over the harbor, and it was just gorgeous.

          I wish I could say better things about the food, but honestly it didn't matter.

        2. The Rusty Scupper isn't what I would consider "romantic' as a dining establishment. Yes, the view is beautiful and the food is adequate. Hubby and I dined there this past December. It was snowing very prettily and the holiday decorated boats on parade at the Inner Harbor, made the experience delightful.

          I would recommend Tabrizzi's for more "romance." It's a lovely restaurant and the food is better IMO then Rusty Scupper. There is also the benefit of being entertained with a live jazz pianist and base player during the evening. The restaurant serves very delicious seafood selections as well as smaller plates and other options. And, there is a nice view--perhaps not as spectacular as the Rusty Scupper, but it is very much more romantic with candlelight and music. FoiGras

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            I have been to Rusty Scupper a few times and am inclined to agree with Jon Parker and FoiGras. A spectacular view of the harbor with decent food. FoiGras' description sounds like one I would wish to repeat over and over like my foggy night in Portland , Maine at a waterfront restaurant years ago.

            Sometimes a tourist trap is rightly so a tourist trap. There are a few that we probably should patronise more frequently. I might add that one such tourist trap (Martick's) will probably be much missed along with Marconi's et al. While both were much loved by natives their quirks and notoriety were just up the tourist's alley when they would "discover" them. I look forward to trying Tabrizzi's since I recently enjoyed the jazz pianist (along with the dinner) at the Prime Rib during restaurant week.

          2. Avoid at all costs. Tourist trap rip-off.

            Many better options in the city.