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Feb 18, 2009 08:01 PM

Tony Angello's

I did the feed me at Tony Angello's on Valentines Day. 12 courses, and not one disappointed. One of the best meals I have ever eaten. Fabulous.

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  1. I'm all over the buster crab, lobster cup, spinach salad, artichoke soup, angel hair w/red gravy, osso bucco, and a stretcher for the ride home.
    I remember seeing Tony cleaning out the place after Katrina in his white T-shirt, white shorts and white shrimp boots.

    1. Whoa 12 courses. I have not been there in way too long. Thanks for the report. Might I ask how much the feed me is? I want to bring this up to the hubster.

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        I am not sure. my wife and I ate and drank all we wanted, and our bill was a little over $100.

      2. Oh I went there many years ago for New Years eve. It was wonderful, I have always wanted to go back but I always forget the name. Thanks for the update.