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Feb 18, 2009 07:11 PM

good food in Schuylerville?

Any recommendations of places to eat in Schuylerville? I am not looking for upscale eating just good home cooking for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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  1. Amigo's Cantina is good and popular and mid-priced. Randy's is fine dining and appropriately priced. Both are CHOW-worthy.

    1. the Cantina is good according to the people I know who eat there. Eli's is a good breakfast stop, right on main st. Venture into Saratoga for some more great choices. I have also heard some talk about the Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, home of pie ala mode but I have not been there in years and they did have a rough patch. One one one in Greenwich has always had mixed reviews and a lot of what they were doing last I was there was not done on site but it might be worth a try. Schuylerville proper is pretty weak but some of the surrounding area is great.....good luck

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        Thanks for the Eli's suggestion. We went for breakfast today and had a nice breakfast.