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Feb 18, 2009 06:21 PM

Prix Fixe Lunch at Table 31

Was at Table 31 for a business lunch today. They are offering $24 prix fixe lunch, three courses. Starters were choice of : salad, soup of the day, or calamari; entree was crispy branzino or steak; desserts creme brulee or warm chocolate cake. Portions were larger than I expected. I had the white bean soup, branzino and creme brulee. The bean soup and the branzino were good, though in retrospect I would have ordered the salad and steak. Creme brulee was great! Overall I thought the prix fixe was a great value!

One disappointment, they no longer have the lobster roll on the menu.

There were some issues with service. We had two servers for the our party of 6; they mixed up the soft drinks, and didn't know which entree was for which person. But worst was, one party was a strict vegetarian; he told the waiter he was vegetarian and asked for his salad without the bacon. It came without bacon, but still had the duck confit mixed in. For entree, he ordered the Branzino without the fish (just the veggies) but it arrived with everything. Since it was a business lunch, he did not want to complain. The server just did not seem to get it. Vegetarians take note, this place is not for you!!

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  1. Had a business lunch at Table 31 today in part because of the prix fixe lunch option. This is the best bargain in the city for the quality of the food and agree that the poritons are more than satisfying. The soup of the day today was a creamy cauliflower, and out of this world. I had the fish, which was perfect, but could not do justice to the creme brulee. I almost needed a nap afterwards! Thanks for the heads up on this deal.

    Shame about your service, ours was impeccable, although there were only four of us and all omnivores so we didn't test the vegetarian challenge! Having worked in the service industry for years, I reccomend that you mention the service issues, quietly and professionally with the server, or barring that either the GM (his name is T.C. and he is really nice, very conscientiously visited our table today to check on things), or even the hostess. This is the kind of thing that all too often is allowed to slip by that is easy to fix.

    BTW - Table 31 is also doing weekenight "Luxury For Less" $35 prix-fixe dinners from 5 - 7 PM. Didn't notice if there was an 'end date' to the special, but I love the idea that even the more expensive places are recognizing the value of the dining-out dollar. This now becomes a much more attractive option for an after work bite with our friends that may not typically spend as much out as we (unfortunately) seem to!