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Feb 18, 2009 06:11 PM

Risotta - does it have expiration?

I have a box of risotta; it is in a sealed cellophane bag. It could be 8 years old.[don't ask] Looks ok. Is there any reason not to use it? Does risotta have an expiration date? There is nothing on box.


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  1. It does have a best before date and it won't come out perfect being really old, but you won't die. I found a opened half bag with an 05' best before date and made it and it was fine. This was in 08, so 3 years after.

    1. Open and smell it. If it smells rancid or musty, don't use it.

      1. My rule is 1 year in pantry, but I use almost everything. I'm sure if it smelled good it is fine, may just not cook good enough. Just don't keep stuff long. Just me. I know people who keep stuff 3, 4 and up years and it is fine.

        1. I wimped out; bought a new bag and it was excellent, made it with a Beef Ragou. Deb

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            I'm not familiar with something called 'risotta.' If you referring to an Italian rice dish know as 'risotto', I suggest that you buy arborio rice and make it from scratch. Risotto is kinda like stew in that there are many recipes using all kinds of comestibles along with the rice.

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              It is called risotto in my store (aborio rice) but most people who are not affecionados of cooking call if risotta from what I have found.

              It is just what food network and a lot of shows of made popular, they say make risotto and use aborio so people go to the store to buy aborio.

              Nothing wrong with that, Just need to mention same thing.

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                Yes, risotto. Apparently my A key stuck!