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Metro courthouse jury duty: food options?

Help! I've got jury duty tomorrow at the Metropolitan courthouse (1945 S. Hill) and I need to locate chow for lunch. You'd think this would be simple, but there's a catch.

I fell, split my lip pretty badly, and loosened a couple teeth over the weekend. My teeth are wired in, I'm stitched up, and as a result, I can only have soft, somewhat bland foods. Nothing spicy, nothing boiling hot temperature-wise, nothing I have to bite into, preferably somewhere within walking distance of the courthouse (I'm still pretty sore, long walks are out.)

Anyone? I've never been to that part of downtown and don't know what's down there in the way of soups, custards, giant wodges of tuna salad on lettuce leaves, etc. etc. Thanks!

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  1. Can't recommend a place to eat, but the courthouse cafeteria is dire.

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      Unless they reopened it in the past few years, they closed the cafeteria in the Metro Courthouse over a decade ago. Note -- The Metro courthouse is also known as the Traffic court, and is on the south edge of downtown on Hill south of Washington.

      The one advantage is that jurors get free parking in the courthouse parking lot, and it is right under and alongside the building. Lunch breaks are long -- ninety minutes -- so you have some time. So you could easily get to Langer's Deli for some matzoh ball soup, supplemented by something like tuna salad or egg salad. Head west on Washington or Pico, head north on Hoover, and Langer's is on the corner of Alvarado and Seventh (where there is a redline station) with validated parking a block east on the north side of the street.

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        I stand corrected. Wrong courthouse.

    2. Nothing down there but fast food places. You're better off packing your own lunch.

      1. Across the street to the north are a Burger King and a McDonald's. There is a Furniture or Fashion Mart building just to the east with a pricey dining room for casual food. There are a couple of vendors outside and a hole-in-the-wall burger and grill place just to the south on the west side. On Washington, there are some places to the east, including a strip mall with an El Pollo Loco and a more-than-decent pizza/salad/lasagna place about four blocks over.

        The place discovered by people in the know (and this info could be very old) is the community college campus due west of the courthouse, Trade Tech. They used to have a pretty popular and well-respected culinary program, and they ran a pretty good cafeteria with better food than you'd expect for the money. No way to describe how to find it -- do your research online or by phone and then ask where it is.

        Other than that you have to drive or take public transport. If you are doing research, you are northeast of USC, so some of the threads about there are applicable. You are due south of downtown, close to the toy or fashion district. There is not much other than chains along Figueroa in between.

        1. Just served jury duty in December and here's what I found that's yummy:

          Mendocino Farms: Great Sandwiches, but if you need something you can eat, they have great daily pasta salads that are mostly pretty soft

          And Grand Central Market: I can't tell you what in particular you can order, but it's an open air market with various food stands. I'm sure you'll be able to find something amazing that won't hurt you too badly.

          Hope you feel better!

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            Metropolitan Courthouse the OP is serving jury duty at is on Hill Street by Washington (near LA Trade Tech)....not the courthouse you might be thinking of on 1st Street & Hill.

          2. The OP does not have a car. Sadly the only soft food option is tuna salad from the Subway a block down. I'd say stop on the way in and bring food with.

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              omg, you'd think a split lip and teeth wired would be a good enough excuse to avoid jury duty altogether, or at least postpone it.

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                I did not read that OP did not have a car. Did specify within easy walking distance, so that may be the case, but also might have prior experiences at the Criminal Court Building or other courthouses where the parking is so far away or restricted that you can't get in and out at lunch. At Metro, parking is just an elevator away, free with a jury badge, and as mentioned lunch periods are almost always quite generous. (Courts need a lot of time between sessions to take care of all sorts of business and conduct proceedings that jurors can't be privy to, and all of the various personnel need lunch too.)

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                  That was informational -- the OP is a friend of mine and I know she does not have a car. She was going to try to go to Langer's after jury duty today but of course they close too early...

              2. Remember that you'll have at least an hour and a half for lunch so that gives you some good options. Go out the back of the building and you can catch the DASH which can have you downtown in less than 15 minutes where there are a 1000 good options. For that matter, go into Chinatown and have some Dim Sum.

                Given your condition, try J.R. Bistro on the bottom floor of the building that houses Ocean Seafood. Order the scrambled egg shrimp for $6.25 and you'll get a nice cup of hot and sour soup, all the jasmine rice you can eat and a huge platter of the fluffiest scrambled eggs you'll ever have that are loaded with beautifully sweet and impecably fresh shrimp with a touch of chive for flavor. You'll feel much better on the way back to court.

                1. I walked from that courthouse to the Pantry for lunch--but it was a long walk, I got a blister, and if the OP is sore, the best s/he could do with this info is to beg another juror to bring back something soft like pudding.

                  1. i'm stuck here this week and maybe next. i've been driving to little tokyo but the parking is horrible. at least the honda plaza has parking. went to sushi go 55. need suggestions!! i'd love somewhere walkable if possible and willing to walk as far as an hour and a half will take me (and back). anyway, sorry to bring up this old thread, but if anyone has been stuck at this location and has any new suggestions please let me know. thanks!

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                      Spoon - the Brazilian place is close, also nearby is the Angelique Cafe (840 S. Spring). Pete's is on that side of downtown, I'm never happy with the parking situation around there but figure your $15/day juror pay well-spent. St. Vincent's court is worth exploring.

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                        Are you talking about Metro (which is near-ish USC) or the downtown courthouses?

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                          metro near usc. i think i can walk to rivera, but that's out of my price range for lunch - plus i've been there. walking would be great, however i'm ok with driving somewhere with a parking lot. langers, the parking lot is usually full around noon time. anywhere else downtown with parking? little tokyo has some parking areas however i realize i'm always rushing back from there. i'm fine with food to go as well. went to grand central market after reading this thread. awesome. i'd never been. i want to use this time well as far as foodie adventures. any recs are greatly appreciated. my friend suggested nickel diner, i'd never been there. anyone know the parking situation? Thanks !

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                            Try La Taquiza, 30th and Figueroa. A Mexican standby. I haven't been in a year or more, but they have been a reliable spot for al pastor tacos and the like for me.

                            And if you're willing to drive, you could try Mercado La Paloma.

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                              Well, a couple of things.

                              You're right next to the Blue Line station at Grand, so if you buy a TAP card and a day pass ($5) you can avoid the parking hassle—take Ghetto Blue up to 7th/Metro, change to any outbound Red or Purple train and get off at the next stop, and you're at Langer's, no parking necessary (incidentally, I always park at the meters on Alvarado or 7th because the lot is always full).

                              You could head down Grand to 37th and eat at Chichen Itza or Mo-Chica, in the Mercado La Paloma... or head east on Washington toward East LA.

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                            Remember that you can grab the DASH bus just out the back door on Olive. It's an easy trip from their to the delights of Chinatown.