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Feb 18, 2009 05:33 PM

How to clean Le Crueset dutch oven?

Looking for some tips on how to clean my dutch oven. I know that the cream coloured interior is supposed to acquire a "patina" over time, and mine has. It has also getting somewhat black on the bottom...any suggestions on how to clean that? Thanks!

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  1. Soap and water. Just like any other pan.

    Any product, polish, abrasive, cleaner, etc. is a waste of time in my opinion.

    1. You can try a magic eraser, LC cleaner, or a little Barkeepers Friend or baking soda mixed into a paste with water. The main thing is you don't want to rough up the surface. Be very gentle in your scrubbing. You might also want to try a little Dawn Power dissolver.

      This is what LC recommends:

      For cleaning we would recommend using a laundry detergent such as tide or one that has an enzyme in it. Take one part detergent and three parts water to fill the interior of the vessel. Allow this to boil for about 5-7 minutes. Afterwards allow to the vessel to cool and proceed with cleaning with your dish detergent. If needed, you may use a nylon or plastic type of scrubby to assist. Once your item has been cleaned, take some white vinegar using a soft cloth or papertowel. Rub the vinegar on the enamel, this is used to return some of the sheen back to the glaze. The longer you allow the vinegar to remain on the enamel the more of the sheen it will bring. Your item can be stored away with the vinegar on it until next use. When ready to use, wash and dry.

      Some people have had luck with an enzyme spray cleaner. Good luck! Please let us know what worked.

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      1. re: blondelle

        My husband bought some of that LC cleaner and it works very well. It removes things that soap and water do not.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Totally agree. It does a good job on stains.

      2. i use a strong bleach solution and let it sit overnight in the sink then a spin through the DW. it get's it near-white again. but, since those stains are being held in the crazing of the enamel they return fairly quickly.

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          1. re: HaagenDazs

            yah, i pretty much stopped doing it, along with cleaning my copper pots.

          2. re: ScubaSteve

            Bleach is very alkaline and will etch the enamel further especially in a strong solution. DW detergent is harsh and further degrade the enamel over time. You are trading whiteness for further degradation of the enamel and even easier staining. You're also making the enamel harder to clean in the future.

            1. re: blondelle

              i got that. i used to use bleach to clean my SS beer kegs (Kelsey Kegs) until i realized it was etching the inside and creating fissures for not-good bacteria.

              1. re: blondelle

                Cleaning pots to the point of turning them bright and shiny (especially the insides) is a waste of time. I've posted the comparison here multiple times but I'll post it again: it's kind of like cleaning the bottom of your shoes.

            2. About once a year I clean all of my LC with Easy Off Oven cleaner. Dawn Power Dissolver is essentially the same thing, just a bit weaker. Anyway I spray the outsides with the oven cleaner and let them stand over night. The next day i rinse them off and they look new and shiny again. Oxy-Clean can help with the insides.

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              1. re: Candy

                I use Bon Ami on everything. It works so well but won't scratch.

                1. re: Maria M

                  I also like Bon Ami. I put my enameled Le Creuset right in the dishwasher. Eventually they may need to be re-enamled. I'm careful not to use metal utensils in them. Currant sauce did discolor our saucier a bit . . .