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Feb 18, 2009 05:18 PM

Annapolis Restaurants

My daughter just got her Naval Academy appointment and we expect to spend time in Annapolis starting July 1st when we drop her off and later for parent's weekend, etc... Can anyone recommend restaurants in Annapolis.

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  1. Great steak at Lewnes'.

    1. It depends what you're looking for. I'd recommend the Boatyard Bar and Grill as a casual place. If you're looking higher end...I'd say don't bother. Really. Unless the new Hell Point seafood opens by then and lives up to expectations, or you could also try O'Leary's, which has had some up and downs over the years, but I hear they are in an up period. What type of restaurants are you looking for?

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        I disagree with the statement that "higher end" does not exist in Annapolis. A place that I find often goes unnoticed is Les Folies. Although it is not downtown it is only a few minutes away and is still in Annapolis. Really authentic French cuisine...from foie gras with carmelized apples to their bouillabaisse to the coq au vin. Additionally, Harry Browne's is a great option for a special occasion type of dinner if you want to stay downtown. It's not on main street but it is a short walk from the city dock. The beef carpaccio is my favorite among the appetizers and the ribeye and the grouper stand out as my favorites from the entree selection. I would also submit that they serve the BEST dry martini in Annapolis. Of course, as said before, Lewnes' is the best bet for serious carnivores. While Annapolis doesn't really boast a list of contemporary fusion restaurants or places that serve foams or sous vides, there certainly are suitable options for a special meal if that is what you're seeking.

        If you're looking for a more casual bite to eat, Sammy's Deli on Randall Street occupies the same space as a great cheese shop and they serve unbelievable sandwiches and freshly baked baguettes are always available. And as JR explains below, Galway Bay on Maryland Ave is a great casual spot for lunch.....and a whiskey if you're in the mood.

        1. re: BaltimoreSlim

          Two things to note. Sammy's does not have seating, and while Harry Browne's has higher end pricing, the service and food are both poorly executed. It's not that it's not contemporary (it's not), but the food tends to be one dimensional, oversweet, the meat tends to be overcooked, the seasoning tends to be...overbland. And the wait staff is the opposite of what you would expect at a high-end non-contemporary restaurant. They don't practice any formality that you would expect in this range. I don't mind pouring my own wine, I just wouldn't expect that would be that the case at this stodgy establishment. Giolitti's is pretty good for an Italian deli with seating, if that's preferred.

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            Sammy's is great, Bob the owner and his Wife are such nice people, the sandwiches they make are very good, they make a veggie sandwich that is great, and their deli meats are really good. I used to eat there all the time when it was in the market place. I don't know if they take more now, they used to only take cash and now and then I would be low so I would order a PB&J and Bob would make me something good like Turkey and Havarti instead and tell me not to worry.

            Galway Bay is close and has good entree salads and crabcakes.

            There is a bagel place by Grawl's Market that if it doesn't close to be bought up by developers soon has very good bagels.

            The Annapolis Ice Cream Company makes a very good blackberry cobbler ice cream.

            I don't know if the little Italian hole in the wall place is still out behind the Bank Of America "sail" building and Remax at West St. and Rt 2. but it was great and cheap.

            Paul's Homewood Cafe is another option for cheaper good food.

            There are a couple Thai places, I like Lemongrass, but none are extremely stellar, but definitely good and not too expensive for a good portion of thai.

            I also love Potato Valley's stuffed baked potatoes, I don't know what they do to those potatoes, but they are the best I have ever had and they stuff them full of veggies, or chicken and put greens on top, they are just lovely. It is only open weekdays, but I really enjoy it.

            City Dock has good coffee and muffins.

            Hope this helps some.

            1. re: ktmoomau

              "There is a bagel place by Grawl's Market"
              - That's Graul's Market :) on the corner of Rowe and Taylor, and it has a very good butcher and bakery.

              "I don't know if the little Italian hole in the wall place is still out behind the Bank Of America "sail" building."

              - That's Giolitti's Deli, on Somerville Road across from the Whole Foods in the new Parole Center, and it is very much still open, (and the "sail" bank is Sun Trust, not BoA.) I'm worried that Whole Foods is going to gobble them up and spit them out. Please support the local shops!

              1. re: crackers

                My thought is that the new Whole Foods/center should draw a lot more attention Giolitti's way, since they will have so much more traffic going by them. They have been pretty hidden back there.

        2. Your post reminded me of this story about John McCain's favorite Annapolis restaurant when visiting his son at the Academy, Pussar's Caribbean Grill:

          I remember it being a nice story about the chef, but I haven't been to the restaurant and don't remember if it's been mentioned here. I'd be curious what people here think of it.

          There's a nice long thread about Annapolis that might also be helpful -- if you can't find it, I think I can find it for you.

          Please report back this summer about where you go!!

          1. I'd second Lewnes's ,, best steak in town by far (better than the big chain place up the st).. 1/2 block down is O'leary's one of the better upscale seafood places, good and pricey too . Wild Orchid is a nice cozy little place in Eastport. Paul's Homewood on West St. is a non-touristy gem with excellent Med influenced bistro style dining. Both Paul's and the Orchid are real values and affordable. For a true MD crab experience -- there is nothing like, Cantler's Riverside Inn (out-of-town, about 15 mins from the Yard). Want a "pub" experience? Galway Bay stands out in a town overloaded with Irish Pubs (visit the bar here - great draughts and super selection of Irish whiskey & Scots whisky)

            Galway's crab cakes are some of the best in Annapolis.... who would think it? Fish and chips are great as you would expect.

            Someone mentioned Pusser's -- I think like many waterfront or view oriented places, the food is not real the focus so don't expect too much. Buddy's being a prime example.

            1. Lewnes steak house is great not only for steaks but also for seafood/fish
              Tsunami has good sushi
              Ruth Chris's steak house is also in annapolis
              Pussars is nice to sit outside and watch the boats, drink a couple of cocktails and chow on some appetizers.